Keep reading to learn the advantages of a used Dodge Ram truck versus a new one. It's easy to increase your buying possibilities with used options.


Why You Should Consider a Used Dodge Ram Truck

Why You Should Consider a Used Dodge Ram Truck

The more you know about used Dodge Ram trucks, the easier it'll be to determine if one is right for you.


Used Ram Trucks Are Often Cheaper

One of the most obvious perks of getting a used version of a Dodge Ram truck is that it will be cheaper. The starting price of 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 is $26,145, for example. If you decide to get a used version of that truck, the price you pay could be several thousand less than that. Also, there are many purchase methods associated with buying used trucks. You could buy from a dealership or a private seller, or you could even go to an auction to bid on your desired truck. If your budget is tight, a used truck could be especially appealing.


Ram Used Trucks Depreciate Less

As soon as you drive a new truck off the dealership lot, it starts losing value, or going through a process called depreciation. Used vehicles still depreciate, but not as rapidly, so your pocketbook won't take such a hit.


Opportunity to Not Pay Sales Tax

When you buy Dodge Ram trucks used, there is no need to pay sales tax in some cases. When you consider that the sales tax of such a big-ticket item could be substantial, the opportunity to not have to pay it is often quite attractive. It's especially common for sales tax to be left off of your final price if you buy from a private seller. If you're curious about whether a quoted price includes sales tax, talk to the seller before finalizing your deal.


No Need to Pay Senseless Fees

When purchasing a new Dodge Ram from a dealer, there's a good chance you'll have to pay unexpected fees for things like dealer preparation and shipping. Some car buyers don't even know to expect those costs, so when they notice their total prices include those fees, they're often unpleasantly surprised. If you buy Ram trucks used, it's very unlikely that you'll have those extra fees to deal with.


Your Registration Fees May Be Lower

Your Registration Fees May Be Lower

It usually doesn't cost as much to register used Ram trucks as it does to register new ones. That's because state registration agencies often figure out the fees to charge based on the age of the vehicle. The same is true for your insurance premium costs. If your car is brand new, you may have to pay more to insure it than you would if it was a used vehicle.


You Might Not Have to Pay as Much for Certain Features

Certain features can be very expensive for your truck, especially if they are not yet common in the automotive world. However, it's often possible to enjoy feature-filled used trucks that don't have the huge price tags just because those respective features have already been available for a short while.


Pay Less to Customize Your Used Truck

Dodge Ram used trucks can be customized in many ways, whether you want them to have a special kind of high-powered headlights, a spray-in bedliner or a rich-sounding stereo system. It's also possible to get those things in your new truck, of course, but used trucks can usually be customized by private companies that may offer especially appealing deals. Generally, such special pricing does not exist for new trucks, although you can go to the manufacturer's website and learn about all the possible options and how much they cost in case you want to splurge on them. If you decide to get your Dodge Ram truck personalized by a private company, you can also build an ongoing, trustworthy relationship with that service provider, which means you’ll have a single company to rely on whether you decide to get further customizations for your Dodge Ram or want to specialize a different vehicle in the future.


You May Be Able to Get a Better Warranty

You May Be Able to Get a Better Warranty

Usually, the warranties associated with buying Dodge Ram trucks used can be personalized to meet your needs. They also may still have some of their original warranties in effect, allowing you to take advantage of that coverage, plus a second warranty that extends the initial one. A personalized warranty usually represents an extra cost, but if you consider that you're probably already saving a decent amount of money by considering Dodge Ram used trucks instead of new ones, it makes sense to potentially invest in an extended warranty for your new-to-you vehicle.


Your Used Truck is Thoroughly Inspected

Many used Dodge Ram trucks have gone through stringent inspection processes, so you don't need to worry that you may be buying a lemon. When shopping for used trucks, the seller should indicate whether the vehicles have been inspected and what was checked. Similarly, if you buy from a private seller, that person may indicate which parts have been changed out on the truck and should provide documentation of work done. That way, you can determine if the vehicle has been properly maintained.


Other Things to Consider

You've just learned about some of the many advantages associated with used trucks. Now you're in a good position to consider your lifestyle, the potential ways you'll use the truck, and your price range. Those things should make it easier to figure out whether you should go with a pre-owned model or stick with something that is brand new. If there are other people in your household who will also be using the vehicle, let them know what you're thinking about your buying preferences. If you're feeling stuck about what to do, getting insight from people you trust can be really helpful.