Chevrolet is offering an entirely new truck for buyers who want power and luxury in their Chevy trucks.


What You Should Know About The New Chevrolet Trucks

What You Should Know About The New Chevrolet Trucks

The new Chevy pickup trucks have many kinds of fabulous features that will delight buyers looking at Chevrolet truck sales.


Chevy Pickup Trucks on The Market Today

A pickup truck is a useful addition to any home or business. Using pickup trucks allows any driver to pick up large loads and bring them nearly anywhere. Many business owners and private individuals find them vitally important. Some people might use them to make deliveries or move objects, while others use them to haul equipment to job sites. Many buyers looking for a pickup truck have turned to Chevy. Chevrolet truck sales have been traditionally quite high as buyers appreciate the company's devotion to detail and the constant striving for excellence. These new models are no exception to the rule. Chevy truck sales are expected to continue to be high as buyers find the new models very appealing. The new truck models on the market today allow any buyer to find the kind of truck they want and even find Chevy truck deals to fit any budget. Buyers should be aware of their specific needs when it comes to picking out a model. Here are some of the details you can expect to find when looking inside the new Chevrolet trucks.


New Fuel Efficiency of Chevy Trucks

New Fuel Efficiency

Buyers today are aware of the need to go green when it comes to their transport options. Those at Chevy have stepped up to the plate with new features that help buyers in this quest. Each of the three proven fuel-saving technologies has been shown to help offer power and fuel efficiency at the same time. Active fuel management means that the driver can actively choose to turn off the cylinders they are not using in order to maximize their fuel consumption. This option is particularly useful for those who drive the pickup under lighter conditions and may not always need all the power they have on hand. Another useful aspect of the new Chevy trucks is direct injection, where the actual flow of the fuel in the engine is directly controlled by the driver. In addition to these two features, buyers will also find continuously variable valve timing that allows for precise fuel control. These features combine to offer a new truck on the market that allows drivers to save money when buying a Chevy truck and get Chevy truck deals that also fit their monthly fuel budget. The eight-speed transmission provides power along with fuel efficiency, making it possible for any buyer to effortlessly haul even the largest loads.


Elegant Strength and Innovative Technology 

Elegant strength and innovative technology

Those in search of a pickup truck will find that the new Chevrolet truck also offers an ideal combination of strength and elegance. Elegance is visible from every angle, with a new exterior full of careful details that bring the car to life while adding stylistic touches. The boxed-strength frame means a tough truck that can withstand nearly any road conditions. The truck also offers serious additional strength through the use of nine cross members in the truck that are completely through-frame welded for serious and effective lateral support. Hydraulic body mounts also mean that the truck offers comfort and strength for the passengers sitting inside of it, even on the bumpiest road conditions. The emphasis on technology also extends to the truck’s interior. Those who are looking for a modern vehicle that meets contemporary standards for the use of innovative technology can work with the items that come standard. The MyLink technology allows drivers to incorporate any existing technology into the new vehicle, including their own private playlist and their Bluetooth headset. Wireless charging inside also means that drivers and passengers alike can fully charge all of their electronic items inside without the need to fumble with wires while on the road. Built-in access to the most up-to-date Wi-Fi ensures that everyone in the vehicle can stay in touch with others no matter where they are. Owners who have teens who drive will appreciate a new feature that has been specially designed to help make sure that they can drive the pickup truck as safely as possible. The Teen Driver feature includes specific technology that aims to create a safe driving experience for younger drivers and anyone who might be with them in the car. Adults will appreciate the reports that can be generated by the car to check that their teens are always obeying safety rules while on the road.


Safety Features at Every Turn

The new Chevy truck also aims to make sure that all occupants and the driver are as safe as possible no matter where they are on the road. Rear and front park assist make it possible for drivers to fit into tighter spaces without damaging the body of the truck or the surrounding vehicles. The rear vision camera also makes this process easier, allowing the driver to see as much of the spot as possible while parking. Features such as forward collision alert can help reduce accidents by indicating that the driver might need to change direction to avoid problems. The lane keep assist feature makes for easier driving, allowing the driver to avoid accidentally veering into another lane when weather conditions such as fog and snow are present. Air bags are standard, providing an additional layer of protection for the driver and all passengers.

Those who have not driven a pickup truck before or have not driven one recently will be pleasantly surprised by just how easy and comfortable these vehicles are to drive. Modern pickup trucks offer plenty of safety features to give drivers the confidence to navigate even the toughest terrain.