For a truck, the Dodge Ram 1500 bears some unique features that you might find surprising; here are some of them.


Discover the luxury features on the Dodge Ram 1500 Truck

Discover the luxury features on the Dodge Ram 1500

If you are looking for a truck that lets you have the best of both worlds, opt for a Ram 1500.


Classy exterior

As usual, since 2009 when they gave the Ram 1500 4x4 a makeover, the design team at Dodge never fails to impress, and they have outdone themselves again. The Dodge Ram 1500 ram pickup boasts a most luxurious cabin and the smoothest rides in its vehicle class. It can run on a turbo diesel engine with an impressive fuel economy so efficient that it outclasses some smaller models. In the category, which compares full-size pickup trucks, the Dodge Ram truck 1500 merits a score of 8.9 on a scale of 10 to come in at first place. Although the truck has many beautiful qualities, two of them stand out in particular: the smooth ride and the friendly starting price. The dodge ram 1500 truck uses coil-over rear suspensions, which resemble the suspension systems of an SUV or a luxury car. Moreover, that superb riding quality is popular with the Ram enthusiasts and owners. However, the smooth ride does come with a slight trade off - you won’t haul as much on the newest models. Despite the modern suspension system, the Dodge truck boasts one of the budget friendly price tags in its class. The asking is only a shade over $26,000 for a base model of the ram 1500 dodge. With full trimmings, expect to fork out northwards of $60,000.


The Ram 1500 Dodge interior 

You can seat up to six when you opt for the Crew or Quad Cab or three if you opt for the Regular cab. In both cases, the Dodge Ram 1500 ram features a supportive and luxurious front seat that will not leave you aching after driving over long distances. When available, the rear seats deliver the same level of comfort and plenty of legroom. You can also opt for bucket seats in the front and seat only two. Other than the posh trimming that includes leather interiors, the Dodge truck boasts two full sets of latch connector to install a kid’s seat. As such, it inclines towards being a family car with great hauling power than a dodge ram 1500 pickup with family friendly features.


Infotainment and Navigation

Infotainment and Navigation

With the Uconnect available feature, you have convenient control over many of the in-vehicle functions in the dodge truck 1500. You can conveniently access the available 5-inch or 8.4-inch touchscreen that melds both onscreen buttons and physical buttons. That way you don’t have to smudge the screen with dirty or wet hands. You can also take advantage of the inbuilt voice recognition of the Uconnect system. A Wi-Fi hotspot keeps you and your passengers connected while on the go. You can use your phone’s internet connection on the Uconnect to access informative apps. If you are an audiophile, you will love the optional 10-speaker premium audio system. The optional Bluetooth connectivity enables streaming music on the audio system using your phone.



The standard 305-horsepower V6 engine on the Dodge truck 1500 is excellent for all forms of driving but will not lend you massive towing power. The V6 powered Dodge Ram 1500 truck boasts decent fuel economy to return 25 mpg on the highway and 17 mpg in the city. However, if you desire a little more hauling power, you can opt for the V8 engine that is capable of nearly 400 horsepower and lowered fuel efficiency. On the other hand, turbodiesel will afford you 29 miles per gallon on the highway and still meet your towing needs.


Ride and handling

Regardless of the road surface, the ram 1500 4x4 delivers a smooth ride, even over rough roads. You can kick up the ride quality by a notch with available air suspension. With the versatile suspension system, you have the ability to level the truck bed automatically and ensure a balanced payload. Opt for the air suspension if you have trouble with the regular cabin steps. You can lower the Ram 1500 dodge when it is parked to suit your convenience.


Towing and haulage

Towing and haulage

While the dodge ram truck 1500 does not take the towing mantle in its class, it is a close contender. Depending on your configuration, you can tow up to 7,600 pounds and haul a payload of up to 1,930 pounds with the V6 engine. With the turbodiesel, the Ram is capable of hauling 1,600 pounds and towing 9,300 pounds, dependent on the configuration. Nevertheless, a truck riding on a V8 engine delivers a bed payload of nearly 2,000 and pulls approximately 11,000 pounds. The choice of cab style dictates which of the three available bed lengths the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup fits. With a Regular Cab, you have a choice between a 6-foot-4-inch and an 8-foot bed. Quad cabs only fit 6-foot-4-inch beds, while you have a choice between a 6-foot-4-inch and 5-foot-7-inch bed on a Crew Cab. However, with the RamBox system, you can increase the storage room on the shorter bed models. The RamBox is a system that builds storage compartments into the bed rails. Since the compartments are waterproof, they make an ideal place to stash your tools, work gear or your bags after dashing out for groceries.



With a four star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety System Administration, your safety is assured when riding in a Ram 1500 4x4. The truck features front and rear parking sensors and a rearview camera. These features are quite useful when hooking up a trailer, backing in and out of tight spaces or parallel parking. The sturdy body framework construction on the ram 1500 provides minimal damage in the case of an accident.


The Ram 1500 models

Unbelievably, the Dodge Ram 1500 comes in 12 trims that range from the $26,000 priced base Tradesman to the loftier Limited with its $53,000 price tag. At $31,760, the Lone Star Dodge truck 1500 offers the best value for money. It gets you niceties such as keyless entry, power windows, and Uconnect infotainment system. If hauling is your trade, opt for the V8 engine since it only adds a paltry $1,250 to any Ram model you pick. With its additional $4,270 tag, the turbodiesel will translate into longer term savings on fuel if you travel over long distances. For $36,000 the Dodge Ram truck 1500 Sport boasts a V8 engine, heated steering wheel and front seat and an 8.4-inch screen infotainment system. For its princely sum, the Ram 1500 Limited lets you have ventilated and heated front seats, heated rear seats, leather upholstery, air suspension,10-speaker audio system and navigation.