You can have the exact kind of van you want right now from your local GMC dealer. A buyer can choose from many kinds of GMC vans.


Learn more about new GMC vans

Learn more about new GMC vans

The newest GMC vans are ideal for any driver. Discover the van you want at a price you can afford today.


Your Van, Your Way

Vans are suitable for a variety of situations. Many companies use them to transport passengers and items from one place to another. Some larger families find that a passenger van is ideal for their needs, allowing all members of their family to fit into a single car along with everything they want to take with them. Regardless of your reasons for seeking a van, you will want something that is affordable and has a good safety record. A good van is an investment that can ensure that the owner has the right kind of transport on hand at all times. Contemporary van seekers will find many types of vans on the market today. Those who are looking for a van may decide to turn to GMC.

GMC is known for producing high-quality vans with roomy interiors and a reliable history. If you are looking for a GMC van, you will want to know as much as possible about the current models on the market before you march down to a dealer. All the vans designed by those at this company aim to offer safety and comfort at the same time. Buyers can count on a smooth ride where every passenger gets to relax and the driver has a vehicle that is highly responsive to their demands. Their line of Savana Vans offers several potential stylish choices that work well with varied budgets.


The Savana Passenger Van

The Savana Passenger Van

For the discerning buyer, the Savana passenger van is an excellent choice. Offering flexible comfort, the buyer will find a van designed for country roads and city dwellers alike. It is a great choice for those who need to make sure they can configure the interior for different circumstances. Many drivers may have lots of passengers one day and then lots of cargo the next, and GMC designers understand this. This is why they have worked hard to create a van that allows the driver to respond to their changing needs well. Seats can be removed to accommodate anywhere from 12 to 16 people comfortably, allowing the owner to have the room they need when they need it. Drivers with disabilities can also use the van as it is ADA compatible. Those who use wheelchairs or pick up passengers with wheelchairs can install a wheelchair lift to bring their passengers inside.


Incredible Features 

The passenger van has lots of incredible features designed with today's buyers in mind. The tilt-adjust steering wheel has mounted audio controls that make it easier than ever to stay safe on the road. Power doors and locks, along with cruise control, provide for additional control. A passenger-side sliding door makes it easy for people to get in and out, while halogen composite lamps offer superior lighting even on country lanes. Buyers can pick from a number of features to help create the Savana passenger van of their dreams. One buyer might opt for a truly powerful engine, such as the diesel engine that offers a whopping 260hp and an impressive 525 lb-ft of torque and a flex-fuel V8 engine capable of offering the kind of power drivers need when tackling tough roads. Many buyers might also wish to add in safety features such as OnStar assistance in the event of a minor problem. New GMC vans also include many impressive standard features, such as a tire pressure monitoring system, enhanced technology glass for added safety, and air bags so that all passengers can avoid injury in the event of an accident. Buyers can purchase confidently in the knowledge that they are buying a safe van with the power they need.


The Savana Cargo Van

The Savana Cargo VanSource

The Savana Cargo van is another one of the new GMC vans on the market today. Those who need to haul cargo frequently with a quiet and comfortable ride will find it right here. The van is easy to drive and has many features that help make for a safe and pleasant ride. Those who get inside will immediately note the well-organized instrument panel, allowing the driver to see all they need to see in a single glance. All of the information is on hand, including the exterior temperature, detailed fuel gauges and clear indicators if something is slightly amiss inside. With a leather-wrapped steering wheel and cruise control, this is also one van where the driver can concentrate on the road in front of them easily.

This model offers available exterior lift panels in order to provide the driver and their crew with all-around access to several specially designed storage bins in the interior that make stacking items easier than ever before. Each bin can be opened at a distance by the driver with an included remote access, allowing for easy customization. Operating the van via a remote comes in handy under many conditions. The Savana cargo van can be started up to ten minutes early from as far as away as 195 feet. This means the van can be ready to go in bad weather. Many features make the van easy to use under varied circumstances. The powerful engine can be configured to take in several kinds of fuel, including diesel, biofuel and even compressed natural gas. The new model offers several power-related features. Using the tow / haul mode means you will have power right at your fingertips. This gives you more torque for hauling heavier loads and enables the automatic grade braking for added safety, even under tough conditions.