There's no denying that Volkswagen vehicles have personality. More importantly, they have a reputation for reliability, which makes a remarkable impression on car buyers.


Check out the many reliable options under the Volkswagen name

Check out the many reliable options under the Volkswagen name

Here is a look at some of the most reliable cars Volkswagen has made through the years.


Reliable Volkswagens: Golf Mkll

This vehicle sparked a frenzy in the early 1970s by giving style and personality to the traditional hatchback. The vehicle offers drivers high levels of comfort in addition to a higher build. You sit a bit higher, which means that you can see outside of it better, which is one aspect of these vehicles that was very popular among drivers. The Mkll was an instant hit and became one of the best-selling vehicles of the 1980s. There was another version of the vehicle produced from 1984 on called the GTI.


Volkswagen Beetle Car

The original Volkswagen beetle car is still known as one of the best Volkswagen vehicles ever to be created. The aesthetics are classic, adorable, cute, and straightforward. The vehicles are still on the roads today because they are so durable. They have run for decades and they have been produced for over more than 60 years because of their popularity. The economy car was created to be driven at high speeds, and it even had some success at the racetrack before it became a customer favorite in the car industry.


Volkswagen Up

When you think of Volkswagen vehicles, you might think of the older styles like the Mkll and the Beetle, but not all VWs are old. Up, for example, is a new breed of city cars that brings in the elements that Volkswagen has done well for many years. This car has a phenomenal shape and style, but it also is very economical, rather spacious, and just plain fun to drive. You can get a variety of formats in two power options, both of which run on a three-cylinder engine. There are also three- and five-door models. Even though this vehicle is newer than some of the other Volkswagen options, it has proven to be just as reliable as the line’s tried-and-true models.


Volkswagen GTI Jetta

Volkswagen GTI Jetta

The new Volkswagen GTI Jetta is similar to the old Mkll. The concept of a compact sedan does not always conjure up images of high-quality vehicles, but that is exactly what the GTI Jetta is. Compacts are so often thought of as appliances that are not very exciting, but the Jetta can be driven daily and offers style that brings reliability to a whole new level. The Jetta has been around since 1979, and the newest model just came out this year. With standard climate controls and a 5-inch color touchscreen, you will have all the technology you need with all the reliability you want from a Volkswagen.


Volkswagen Phaeton

Volkswagen knows how to build premium machines. In this model, they added elegance to the mix. These vehicles have tough competition with Mercedes in their category, but they are reliably engineered, which is very important to many drivers. Some buyers use these vehicles as limos while others transport themselves in class for business needs. They look and feel like a high-class vehicle, but they still have that edge of reliability in their style.


Volkswagen Rabbit

This vehicle is known for having plenty of power and a large amount of performance in its deceptively small package. There are hatchback versions of the car that look like throwbacks to the Mkll. The fuel economy is decent for its class, and you get a sporty ride that is slightly above that provided by the GTI. With a nicely organized interior boasting high-end features, even those who want the latest technology are comfortable with this model. It is also highly versatile among its trims, with two- and four-door options and four-wheel drive features.


Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan

This crossover vehicle gives you more room than most Volkswagen vehicles along with progress in terms of technology. You can plan your route, play your music, and ask for help all with the touch of a few buttons on the car’s touchscreen. This comfortable vehicle is great for families and has a premium audio system to keep everyone happy at the same time. With standard features like remote locks, speed and boundary alerts, and enhanced navigation, you feel reliability around every curve.


Volkswagen Touareg

This high-end, midsize crossover vehicle has been tweaked over the years to add more luxury to the stable, handsome body. This vehicle is great for families, but it works admirably for daily commutes and business purposes, too. The Touareg has a standard 3.6-liter V6 engine that manages an 8-speed automatic transmission. The midsize crossover adds options of towing up to 7,700 pounds, and there is plenty of cargo space inside for other items. You get high-end materials and plush workmanship with elegant touches like chrome and wood accents. The upper-level features are built for comfort, but the vehicle itself is built for reliability.


Volkswagen Routan

No one wants a mini-van vehicle that is not reliable. Luckily, the Routan counts reliability before anything else. This vehicle debuted in 2009 with an upscale cabin that families adored. The ride and handling rates were high-level, but the vehicle itself is sportier than some of the other brands and models. It might be something, for example, that a father would be more willing to drive than the average mini-van. It even got 17 miles per gallon in town and 25 miles per gallon on the highway. It also had features like blind-spot warning systems and cross-path detection in the rear. With plenty of cargo room and seats that shifted around, it was highly versatile in addition to being reliable. The Routan was also a safe vehicle, earning the highest crash test marks available in every area. Families always enjoy the reliability of good crash ratings, especially in a mini-van vehicle.