Drivers often buy new cars because they feel they will be less of a hassle. New and used alike, some vehicles are more reliable than others.


Most Reliable Cars on the Market

Most Reliable Cars on the Market

A reliable car can get you where to need to go all of the time, and it will save you money, too. Here's a few models to consider.


Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 starts at around $15,900 and has a retro style and cheerful character. It is a fashionable vehicle to drive around any city. It has style customization options that help you express yourself through sporty and upscale choices. The five-speed manual or six-speed automatic options give you further choices. You get technology in the 5" touchscreen infotainment system and the vehicle comes with 15" aluminum wheels. With an optional large sunroof, you can even have fun in this practical vehicle. Drivers love the 28 mph in town and 34 mpg highway gas mileage, and the small size makes it a practical vehicle to drive on a daily basis. It is easy on itself and rarely breaks down, only needing regular maintenance on occasion. Check local dealerships for great deals on this solid model.


Honda Civic Sedan Used or New

The Honda Civic Sedan, used or new, is a highly reliable vehicle. If you buy it new, you can get a starting price as low as $18,000. The price goes up to $28,300 depending on the trim you choose. With a combined mpg of 33/37 mpg, this practical vehicle can drive for miles and miles without needing gas. It features five seats and four doors, so it can easily cart a family around, and the vehicle handles well and provides a smooth ride. Some of the Honda Civic Sedan used options do not have as many technological bells and whistles, but the newer vehicles come with side cameras and other perks. You can count on a six-speed manual with overdrive and front-wheel drive in most of the Honda Civic ex used vehicles you come across. Even buying a Honda Civic ex used vehicle can get you a reliable car with ease. If you can, consider getting a certified pre-owned Civic. Certified vehicles may cost a little more, but they have to go through a more comprehensive inspection designed by Honda to receive this designation. In return, you're getting a Honda Civic sedan used that has been completely vetted and is less likely to develop major problems in the immediate future.


Toyota cars and SUVs: Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

When it comes to reliability, many Toyota cars and SUVs rank high on the list. However, there are no Toyota cars and SUVs that can out-do the Corolla in terms of reliability. In fact, the Corolla is often called the most reliable vehicle in the country. The Corolla has been around for a number of years because of its famous reliability. The vehicles are built to last. They have a lot of new safety features included like pre-collision systems and pedestrian detection. You can alert yourself about lane departures and even get steering assistance. Today, the vehicles have advanced technology inside as well with navigation and a 7" touchscreen included. And the exterior has always been attractive with features like 17" alloy wheels. The running parts, however, are what makes the vehicle so reliable. It's not unheard of for a Corolla to go 100,000 miles or more before it needs anything major repaired.


Buick Verano

The Buick Verano is a top-rated compact car with a lot of great specifications and capabilities. Today, the basic Verano starts at $21,000 and goes up from there. You get ten standard airbags for safety as well as dual-zone automatic climate control. You can use the OnStar Guidance Plan for three months, and you get the 4G LTE built-in WiFi hot spots. All of that is not something the vehicles always had, but for as long as the Verano has been around, it has been well built and reliable. The six-speed automatic transmission runs so well for so long that it hardly ever had to see a repair shop. With regular maintenance, this is one vehicle that doesn't have to be replaced very often.


How to Get Good Deals

How to Get Good Deals

If you want a reliable vehicle, you aren't alone. The cars that are the most reliable are often the most popular vehicles on the roads. It can be harder to find a good deal on these cars since they are so popular. They move off the lot faster than other options because people want vehicles they can trust to be dependable for a number of years. But there are several ways to get deals on vehicles that are reliable for you and your family. First, watch for special sales at dealerships. There are times of the year when more people buy vehicles than other times. When the sales are low, there will be more inventory for the sales manager to move. At that time, you can find a good deal even on a reliable vehicle that is in high demand. Watch for things like 0% APR financing. Second, make sure you compare prices so you can ensure that you get the best deal possible. Don't visit one dealership and call it good. Visit several and see what prices you can get where. If all elements are the same, go with the dealer who can give you a better price. You may also consider buying these vehicles used from a reputable dealer. You already know they're reliable and last a long time and when the dealer has thoroughly checked them out, and you can trust that they will last longer for you as well. If you are determined to buy a new vehicle, you can still get good deals. Be flexible on the model and options and choose the vehicle that gets you the best price instead.