If you like the Dodge brand and you know you want a truck, you will need to compare the different types of Dodge Ram truck models in order to find the one that works best for you.


Ram Truck Comparison

Ram Truck Comparison

Dodge Ram Truck models are known for their power and performance. They are vehicles you can count on and they rise to every challenge. When you consider buying a Ram Truck, you might first compare it to other vehicles from other brands. When it comes to mileage, the Dodge Ram truck specs state that the Ram trucks get better mileage than Chevy, Ford and GMC vehicles. They beat some by two mpg and others by three or four. They hold as much or more fuel as the other models, and they can drive over 100 miles farther because of their fuel efficiency. They have eight-speed automatic transmissions as opposed to the six-speed version in the other vehicles, and they can tow just as much as, if not more than, the competitors. With more clearance in the cab than any Chevy, Ford, or GMC, the Dodge Ram truck specs are better in just about every way. If you already know you want a Ram, it is time for a Ram Truck comparison to decide which truck under the Ram umbrella is best.


Ram 1500 Pickup

The Ram 1500 pickup is the Dodge Ram small truck. It starts at $26,000 and goes up from there, depending on the options you want to add. There are three basic trims under the 1500 model. The Tradesman is known for having the best toolbox and being the best tool. It can tow over 10,000 pounds and haul nearly 2,000 pounds. It has things like the rear back-up camera, an 8-speed transmission, a V6 engine and voice command Uconnect options. You also get automatic headlamps, a receiver hitch, and a spray-in bed liner. Next in the line-up is the 1500 Express. This vehicle starts at $27,500 and goes up from there. It has a dual exhaust system, a V8 engine, and 17" aluminum wheels that come standard on the vehicle. You also get automatic headlamps and a receiver hitch, and the towing and hauling loads are about the same. The 1500 Big Horn starts at $33,760. It is more luxurious with a leather-wrapped steering wheel. It also has an 8-speed transmission and V6 engine, but it has 20" chrome clad aluminum wheels and a dual exhaust to go along with the other elements. It can tow a few extra hundred pounds, and the hauling load weight is about the same. There are several other Ram 1500 pickup options, and they get larger as you move up the line. The Dodge Ram small truck is the least expensive.


Ram 2500 Pickup

Ram 2500 pickup

These trucks are larger and more powerful than the 1500 options, but the trims are much the same. The Tradesman has vinyl bench seats and a 12-volt auxiliary power outlet. It also has a V8 engine and 17" styled steel wheels. It comes with a standard 18,000-pound trailer tow hitch, and it can tow close to 18,000 pounds and haul nearly 4,000. This vehicle starts at $31,700. The next vehicle is the SLT, which start at $35,755. It has power door locks and power sliding rear windows. The cloth bench seats are standard, and it comes with a trailer brake control system. It can tow and haul about the same amount as the Tradesman. The Big Horn trim starts at just under $42,000 and has back seats that actually fold down. It adds standard fog lamps and has anti-spin rear differentials. The Laramie starts at $46,500 and includes dual-zone automatic temperature controls and rear back-up cameras. It has heated leather front seats and LED lighting inside. You can see the luxuries add up as you move up the line in the 2500 trims. The Limited starts at $55,500 and has remote keyless entries as standard. It also includes nine alpine speakers, heated full leather front and rear seats, and rain-sensitive windshield wipers. There are a few other options that get larger and more powerful as you progress up the line as well.


Ram 3500 Pickup

Ram 3500 Pickup

The Ram 3500 models also come in a number of different trims, all of which are larger than the other two models. The Tradesman in this line starts at $32,200 and can tow over 31,000 pounds and haul over 7,000 pounds. You get a 6'4" box length or an 8' box length and a 6-speed automatic transmission. With quad halogen headlamps, it is safer to tow along with the anti-spin rear differential. The SLT comes in at $36,500 and up and tows and hauls about the same amount. It also has a remote keyless entry and power rear windows as well as trailer brake controls and power door locks. You move up to $42,000 when you choose the Big Horn, which still hauls and tows the same amounts. You also get a leather-wrapped steering wheel, power lumbar control and a 115V outlet. The back seat splits and folds, and the vehicle has fog lamps and a V8 engine. The Laramie starts at $47,500 and has automatic temperature control with dual zones for added comfort. It also has park sense rear and front systems and a heated steering wheel. There is a 10-way power driver's seat and a turbo diesel engine available. The Laramie Longhorn goes up to $53,300 for a starting point, but still hauls and tows the same amount. The vehicle has interior and exterior accents that make it more stylish and luxurious. It also has a spray-in bed liner and a full screen navigation system complete with 3-D models. You also get full leather premium seats and other perks like an 8.4-inch touchscreen in the cab.



When you are trying to decide which truck is right for you, there are a lot of options to go over. You will want to take your budget into consideration. All of these prices are starting points. If you want to add extra things to the vehicles, the prices go up from there. They have many standard features already, and many drivers find they are great the way they are without adding extra items. You will also want to think about how much you need to haul and tow so you can get a vehicle that has the right limits. Interior size is another consideration. Some of the cabs are smaller than others. And then there are the extra items like back seats that fold down, leather vs. cloth seat materials, dual temperature controls and more. Keep all of those things in mind as you go through the specifics, so you can rule trucks out until you find the best fit.