Floor mats for your car or truck helps protect your car's carpets and helps improve your vehicles resale value. Here is a review of what floor mats are available from top retailers.

Floor Mat Options

When it comes to picking a floor mat for your vehicle there are many options at various price points. When comparing floor mat options though it helps if we segment them into 3 main categories. The first category are premium custom fit floor mats that are designed specifically for your make and model of car or truck. The second are premium quality floor mats but offered in a generic format where you cut them to fit your car vehicle. Finally, budget options are available that again need to be cut to fit your vehicle but in addition to this the quality of the rubber used in them is lower than the premium generic format brands. Below we review several of the top floor mat brands and give you an overview on what they offer and where they fit into the quality and price picture.
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WeatherTech Floor Liners

WeatherTech is a market leader in floor mats and makes floor mats that use premium quality rubbers and are custom fit to you vehicle’s make and model. WeatherTech names their floor mats floor liners. These are top of the line floor mats cut specifically for your vehicle and made from the best all season rubbers on the market. WeatherTech offers a limited lifetime warranty on their floor liners to give you piece of mind that WeatherTech stands behind their premium product. WeatherTech floor mats are all-weather rubber floor mats and they completely protect your vehicles floor from moisture and debris. In terms of quality it is hard to beat a WeatherTech floor mat but with any quality product they can cost a more than a generic floor mat available at your local retail outlet. If you are looking for a premium floor mat that fits your car or truck perfectly, and cost isn’t an issue, then these are the floor mats for you.

Armor All Floor Mats

Armor All offers a lower cost option for all season rubber floor mats for your car. They offer a generic floor mat that is designed for you to trim to the shape of your vehicles interior. While this doesn't always offer a perfect fit the cost is significantly lower than the custom fit options. The also offer black, grey and tan liners to suit most vehicles and the rubber used is designed to stay flexible and not curl in sub-freezing temperatures. If you don't mind trimming your own floor mats and are ok if the fit isn't quite perfect the Armor All floor mats are a good option.

Motor Trend Floor Mats

Similar to the Armor All floor mats the Motor Trend floor mats are designed for you to trim to fit your car or truck. They offer a version of their floor mat called the “Deep Dish” which has elevated edges to keep any moisture contained within the floor mat similar to a custom fit floor mat. This is their answer people who were unhappy with generic floor mats that didn’t provide protection to the contours of their vehicles interior. These floor mats are made of premium rubbers but the price point is lower than the WeatherTech floor mats and similar to the Armor All ones. As far as a basic, inexpensive universal floor mat for your car goes these mats will do the job.

Non-Premium Floor Mats

There are many different brands on the market selling discount floor mats. The main issues with them are usually related to the rubbers used. Cheaper rubbers often don’t stand up well to extreme temperatures. In cold winter climates freezing temperatures can affect the rubber to where it becomes brittle and doesn’t grip the floor properly and in hot summer temperatures the rubber can curl or become distorted. If you just need to get something on the floor and you don’t want to pay much for floor mats these floor mats can do the job but they generally won’t hold up nearly as well as mats made with premium rubbers.