Buying a pre-owned Audi vehicle carries a considerable advantage to the buyer. Owning a used Audi improves the driving experience and saves you money.


Discover the benefits of a used Audi

Discover the benefits of a used Audi

If you are looking for an exceptional used car, settle on an Audi and enjoy the difference.


Each car undergoes a rigorous inspection

All factory restored Audis undergo a comprehensive reconditioning process to ensure that they run as good as new. After the restoration, the company runs strict and mandatory checks to ensure each unit lives up to the highest standards. The entire inspection process comprises 300-plua checkpoints, including 89 on the interior, 144 on the exterior, 39 on the engine, 42 on the undercarriage and 18 points on the road test. In fact, the Audi Company is renowned for its rigorous pre-owned certification process. With such a sound quality check, you rest assured every certified vehicle for the automaker is in excellent condition. You get the best value for your money but also spend less in running and maintenance.


Enjoy an extended limited warranty coverage

With every purchase of a used Audi TDI, you get an excellent ride but also the peace of mind that comes with an extended warranty. Your purchase carries 100,000 vehicle miles or up to six years of limited warranty. Moreover, the warranty is valid in any other carmaker’s dealerships across the country. Regardless of where you made the purchase, if the car develops unlikely mechanical issues, you can just pull into the closest dealership and have the problem fixed. Such perks give you a peace of mind and avails a one of a kind driving experience. It is also a nifty way to help you save money on car running and maintenance.


Exceptional roadside coverage

Exceptional roadside coverage

Purchasing a used Audi entitles you to driving privileges that befit the legendary brand. You have access to 24/7 roadside assistance in the case you suffer a roadside breakdown. Unbelievably, the service includes towing and a trip interruption reimbursement. Moreover, you can transfer the certified pre-owned limited warranty to the person who buys your car. Such benefits ensure that your vehicle has excellent resale value. It helps you get a better value and sell off the car quickly without making any compromises. A good selling price is an advantage should when you need upgrade your current model to a superior one. In any case, the dealership would be willing to allow you trade in your old Audi for a newer model.


Timeless design of used cars Audi A3

Unlike other used cars, the Audi a3 boast a timeless style and design that will live on for years to come. Audi aims at building a vehicle that lasts for a long time while delivering flawless service. The company puts in the effort to ensure they only put striking and timeless car design on the market. As such, you can be sure that your Audi TDI will never be outdated but will continue to retain its value despite the passing years. The appealing looks on the Audis translate into high demand for the vehicles. You can always trade in for a superior model without burning a hole through your finances. Distinct from other used cars Audi a3 retain their value to help you strike a better deal on your next purchase.


Each Audi is styled with the driver in mind

A team of exceptional car designers and engineers work tirelessly to ensure that each car that rolls off the assembly line is a masterpiece. From the stunning contours and beautiful bodywork to the running engine, each part undergoes strict quality checks. The comfortable and ergonomic interiors ensconce you in sheer luxury every time you get behind the wheel. Whether you are powering up a twisty mountain road or down the highway, an Audi TDI will surpass your expectations. Unlike other used cars, Audi a3 packs modern driving technology to make your driving experience pure bliss. Intuitive controls and handy buttons keep everything within easy reach, posing a minimal distraction to the driver.


No road is off limits

No road is off limits

Before new Audi, models hit the market each year, the development teams out over 7 million miles on the cars during the testing period. They push the cars through every imaginable terrain to ensure they perform under all circumstances. From the tundra in China to the scorching desert of the Middle East, the cars perform with a rarefied excellence. Additionally, all certified used Audi's undergo rigorous testing at the carmaker’s state of the art testing facilities. Hence, you can take comfort that the car you are about to purchase undergoes thorough testing for your benefit. The robust testing ensures that each car delivers the driving experience you can expect from the legendary brand. It also minimizes the chance of the car failing while on the road.


Secure financing 

To improve and smooth out your journey towards owning an Audi, the company offers affordable car financing. The Audi Financial Services offers loans that at a competitive interest rate and friendly terms. With such services, you are likely to secure better rates than you ever could from a commercial lender. Making a purchase makes you are eligible for the Audi Pure Protection and Ding Shield Service Plans. These programs aim at improving your driving experience and keeping your car in excellent shape. Unlike other used cars Audi a3 comes a part of a larger package to deliver the exceptional driving experience.


Excellent service for a used Audi TDI

Purchasing a used Audi TDI entitles to excellent service and advice from any of the automaker's numerous outlets scattered across the globe. Helpful and knowledgeable staff members will help you with any decision or problem during your purchase. They will help you schedule maintenance visits and keep your new cars in tiptop condition. Buying a pre owned Audi makes you a part of elite motorists who shuttle between destinations in absolute comfort and style. The automaking giant pulls all the stops to ensure a pleasant motoring experience to all its customers. They will be with you every step of the way as you commence your driving with them to deliver great value and expertise. You will receive the same level of helpful service at such time when you are ready to upgrade or buy another Audi.