The Silverado has been a consistent sales success for Chevrolet - and, of course, its parent company, General Motors. The vehicle's success can be attributed to various factors, including the significant choice of configurations; there are many cab layouts, bed sizes and engines from which to choose.

The sheer versatility of the Silverado means that this pickup can warrant your consideration whether you will be using the vehicle for commutes or simply occasional, peaceful trips away. Chevrolet has further refined this winning formula to impressive effect with the 2018 model.

What's new for 2018?

Chevrolet has made only subtle changes to the Silverado for 2018. Each model has been given a backup camera, in adherence to federal legislation. Meanwhile, replenishing the tires' air pressure to optimum level is easier due to the addition of an audible alert which indicates when this is achieved.

The eAssist system has been expanded from its previous exclusive inclusion on the LT model to the LTZ trim, too. This system includes an electric motor and lithium-ion battery and allows for improved fuel economy. eAssist vehicles can switch off the gas engine when the pickup is coasting or stopped.

This year's Silverado also comes in a commemorative Centennial Edition. It incorporates visual features including an exclusive Centennial Blue paint hue.

Engine and transmission

There are no turbocharged engines in the various Silverado models. However, at base level, you can benefit from a 4.3-liter V-6 capable of towing 7,600 pounds and, due to a 6-speed automatic transmission, directing power to all four wheels or just the two rear wheels.

Such transmission is also available with a 5.3-liter V-8 Silverado - which, when carrying light loads, can also shut down half of the cylinders. 8-speed automatic is an alternative choice of transmission with this vehicle, which - if tailored in the right way - can transport as many as 11,000 pounds.

A third engine option is the eAssist mild-hybrid, which still includes a 5.3-liter V-8, but also features a 0.45 kWh battery and small electric motor which extends the torque by 13 hp and 44lb-ft.

Fuel economy and performance

As previously mentioned, the eAssist vehicle has enhanced fuel economy compared to its non-eAssist counterparts. However, even if you opt for just the 4.3-liter V-6, you can still utilize E85 fuel; this situation could prove especially beneficial in rural environments.

The standard transmission with the 5.3-liter vehicle is 6-speed automatic. Should you choose a rear-drive Silverado, the fuel economy should come to 16/23/19 mpg. The four-wheel drive model is slightly lower with 16/22/18 mpg. Those numbers hold with the rear-drive 8-speed automatic, too.

The numbers are instead 15/20/17 mpg with the four-wheel drive version, but the Silverado with 6.2-liter V-8 clocks in at 15/21/17 mpg in the case of rear-wheel drive and at 15/20/17 for four-wheel drive. The eAssist gets 18/24/20 mpg for rear-wheel drive and 16/21/18 mpg with four-wheel.

Interior and infotainment

While the Silverado's interior is let down by somewhat uncomfortable seats and a rear cabin conspicuously lacking USB ports, the base Work Truck models do get the new addition of a standard 7-inch MyLink touchscreen in place of the ageing 1.2-inch non-touch display of the 2017 Silverado.

Otherwise, the inside of the Silverado is practically unchanged from 2017. This means that, reassuringly, we get the same durable-feeling materials, including both soft-touch materials and harder plastics. The design also stays just as ergonomic, with controls within short reach.

Every Silverado comes with Chevrolet's well-regarded MyLink infotainment system, which is robust and speedy. However, those new 7-inch touchscreens also feature support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; why not give your phone's features prominent placing on your pickup's dashboard?

Exterior features

A Chevy tends to be instantly identifiable, and there's no exception with the Silverado - which, with its military-like styling, looks as bold and punchy as you would expect. However, that's only a brief description of its appearance; the choice of aesthetic configurations can hugely mix things up.

You could be excused for struggling to see any visual difference between many 2018 models and their 2017 predecessors. However, the 2018 Silverado does get Cajun Red and Havana added to its range of exterior color options - and then there's that Centennial Edition design...

This design features heritage emblems, chrome exterior trim, 22-inch wheels and the especially eye-catching addition of a Centennial Blue exterior color. However, the Centennial Edition is available strictly for 2018, so don't delay too long if you are interested in buying it.


The quality of the Silverado's safety equipment has improved for 2018. A rearview camera has been added to equipment that already featured - as you would expect - airbags, anti-lock brakes and stability control. You can enjoy even better security if you choose an LT, LTZ or High Country model.

With the first two of those models, there's the option of an Enhanced Driver Alert Package, which is a standard feature of the High Country pickups. This package includes an impressive array of security features like active lane control, front and rear park assist and automatic high-beam headlights.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded the Silverado five stars as an overall crash-test rating. The Crew Cab models took this rating and also amassed 5-star ratings as a result of side-impact assessment and front-impact tests.