Choosing the right car rentals company can be tough at any time of year. Thankfully, Thanksgiving weekend now coincides with Black Friday, which means car rentals can get really cheap if you know where to look. Here is what you can expect to see the biggest names in the business doing later this month...


The largest of the big names, Enterprise have more locations nationwide than any other company. With the likelihood that discounts of 30% will hit the roads again this year, you may already be closer to your next Enterprise rental car than you realize.

Enterprise also offer one of the widest range of vehicles to rent - including sports cars, vans and environmentally-friendly electric models. If you plan to rent regularly, their rewards program provides customers with access to unique offers and promotions, with a points system that grows with every dollar you spend.


For those travelling together, Alamo already charge a smaller fee than other companies for a second driver. Alama are a popular choice of car rentals company for people travelling on a budget - and you can expect 25% Black Friday discounts across their range.

Alamo are currently offering a free upgrade on your chosen car class. This promotion will run until the end of this year and reward you for booking at least 15 days in advance. However, this is the time of year where it can pay to be patient, so your best option might be to hang tight and see what else they are willing to throw into their deals-on-wheels.


Travelling regularly with Hertz will reward you not just at home but also wherever you are in the world. Like with other reward schemes run by other car rental companies, every dollar you spend boosts your points total. Hertz take this one giant leap further by allowing you to take your points with you internationally, plus letting you share them with your partner or spouse.

When it comes to choice, Hertz have one of the largest vehicle selections in the industry. From high-horsepower muscle cars to carbon-cutting hybrids, there are options to suit every style or budget when you shop with Hertz. Last year, the company offered savings of up to 40% on prepaid rentals from the Black Friday weekend, right through to January of this year.


Always scoring positively in customer satisfaction surveys, National have incredible, contract rates for people who are travelling for business. They are an ideal choice for large companies and corporate rental programs, as they don't charge any additional fees for booking at the last minute, even during their most busy periods.


Thanksgiving weekend certainly falls into this category, so if you do decide to travel at the last minute, National rentals might be your best option. Look out for deals of 20% off, and let the company know if you are a government employee travelling for business, or a military veteran. You will be eligible for a discount regardless of the season.


25% off on either a weekly or weekend rental helped Dollar to really shift some vehicles last Black Friday. One of the smaller rental companies that operate nationwide, they will most likely require you to collect your car from an airport. However, this does make a Dollar rental an appealing option for people who intend to fly home for Thanksgiving.

Though Dollar is already a good choice for people looking for a budget rental, these extra discounts can really make a difference at this expensive end of the year, especially with the holiday season just around the corner.