There are lots of different options to choose from when the time comes to pick out a Honda. From a coupe to a truck, Honda’s got it all.


Discover Honda: The Brand and the Car Models

Discover Honda The Brand and the Car Models

The manufacturer has truly created a lineup of vehicles that offers something for everyone. Narrow down your choices based on the seating capacity and features that you are looking for.


Honda Fit

If the goal of driving is to have a little fun, this vehicle may be the perfect Fit. Despite being considered a subcompact, most people are surprised by the amount of cargo space available. The DX, considered the base model, comes with Bluetooth and LED brake lights. There are several upgraded trim options, including the LX, EX, and EX-L. Each one brings something additional to the vehicle, adding to its price. If you want leather seats or a push button start, it’s going to cost extra. The base model starts at a little over $17,000. You can get the Fit well equipped for almost $20,000, and if you want it loaded down with lots of different options, you are looking at just over $22,000. As a general rule, expect to get 33 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway. Check Honda model cars to see more of the options available on the Fit.


Honda Civic with Honda Car Motors

Lots of people can own Honda Civics, and each one can have something different from the others. The vehicle comes in three different options. You can get the Coupe, the Sedan and the Hatchback. This is the first time that the Hatchback has been added to the Civics lineup. No matter which one you decide on, you can expect a great driving experience, a roomy interior made with quality materials, and a vehicle that is a little more interesting that others its size. The Coupe version of the Civic comes in five different trim packages. Despite being the base model, the LX comes with lots of great amenities. The Sedan also comes in five different trim levels to match the Coupe. However, the Hatchback has two specific trims including the Sport and the Sport Touring. The Civic is made by people who make Honda cars versatile, with lots of options to choose from.



The HR-V is a crossover vehicle that tends to be affordable, especially when you consider all of the extras that you get. The second row provides more than just seating. It also adds flexibility to the seating and cargo options available to drivers. One of the more interesting possibilities is the Magic Seat, found in Honda model cars, which includes seat cushions that flip up create a narrow space between the front and back seats. While it is a little hard to picture, it’s important to note that a bike can fit inside the area. High fuel economy is a huge plus on this model despite the fact that the Honda car motors in these vehicles don’t have the best pickup when it comes to acceleration. The base model is the LX, but drivers can also choose from the EX and the EX-L Navi. If you want a Honda for sale, this may be one of the best options the manufacturer offers.




The Honda Accord is pretty versatile, as it comes in a Coupe, Sedan and Hybrid. It tends to score highly when compared to others in a similar category and still gets an edge because of the driving experience it creates. The cabin offers plenty of room and there is a perfect balance struck between acceleration and fuel economy. The Sedan comes with seven different trim levels while the coupe comes with six. Of course, the Sedan also comes as a Hybrid, adding to the vehicle’s versatility. Drivers don’t need to feel like they are sacrificing anything to drive a Honda for sale with great fuel economy. While they are only three different trim levels, even the base model comes with all sorts of valuable features.


New CR-V or Used CRV

The CR-V got a makeover this year and all sorts of things have changed, including the style of the vehicle. Instead of being more nondescript, the vehicle definitely stands out from the rest. Outside of the base trim level, the LX, the CR-V has a turbocharged 1.5L engine. The interior, including the dashboard, has been changed to look and feel more user friendly. There’s more space in the back of the vehicle and plenty of cargo space. There are four trim levels to choose from and the Touring, the top of the line trim, includes LED headlights and a subwoofer. What more could a person want in an SUV? While there are plenty of 2017s available, if you are looking to save on this style, don’t be afraid to look for a used CRV.




This vehicle may change the way you see minivans. While it is big and does provide a lot of space, it doesn’t require that you give up your sense of style. Two adults can easily sit in the third row with room to store cargo behind them. The interior is large with flexible cargo options and tends to be quiet. And as you turn down the road, you may forget you are driving a minivan because it feels more like car. There are six trim levels available, including the Touring Elite, which adds so many premiums that you may feel like you are driving a luxury vehicle. The Odyssey is made by people who make Honda cars set apart from similar vehicles.



The Pilot is a great alternative to the Odyssey if you can’t bring yourself to take the minivan route. It has the capability to tow up to 5,000 pounds while easily carrying eight people. There’s plenty of room so no one is going to feel crowded, even in the third row. This is especially true because of the interesting options when it comes to cargo and storage. When compared to similar vehicles, it also offers a much better fuel economy. There are five trim levels to choose from. Note that the Elite won’t seat eight, as it has two captain’s chairs in the second row, bringing capacity down to seven.



With unibody construction and four-wheel independent suspension, this truck provides a comfortable ride. The interior, as well as the technology, is closely associated with the Pilot, adding to its appeal. The two-way tailgate offers one of the most innovative options when it comes to a truck bed. It can comfortably seat five people and comes in seven different trim levels. The Black Edition is AWD and offers a real aesthetic appeal.