If you’re planning on renting a large vehicle before the end of the year, you should definitely look out for a Black Friday deal. We could potentially save you a lot of money on van and truck rentals, as we’ve got some of the best tips on where you should look this month and on the big day itself.


With a range of trucks and van rentals in a range of classes, Thrifty always offer some of the best prices on the market. They’re also one of the most consistent when it comes to dishing out deals, and usually offer a discount in the range of 10-15% for most of the year.

With this likely to at least double later this month, whether you’re moving home or moving people, be sure to look out for Thrifty’s cheap costs being cut even further this Black Friday weekend.

Enterprise trucks

One of the go-to names in all vehicle rentals, Enterprise provide a variety of safe and reliable transport. With nearly 300 van and truck rental locations nationwide, you can be sure there’s a vehicle nearby that will meet your needs.

With such an excellent, established reputation, Enterprise don’t usually have to stay competitive by chucking out big deals and discounts. This makes visiting their site close to the Black Friday weekend essential if you’re looking for a deal - you could discover up to 30% off your usual rental cost.


Without boasting the same range as some of their competitors, Alamo do offer several of the most reliable models you can get your driving gloves on. And when it comes to going camping, heading to the beach or moving your stuff from A to B, do you need to overly worry about what you’re driving?

If you do like to keep things more simple, Alamo will be a good choice, and they are certain to throw in a Black Friday sweetener to close the deal. Expect them to offer unlimited mileage to regular customers and good discounts for ordering up front. Last year, they were also throwing in daily savings of $25 on short-term rentals.


Avis’ early Black Friday deals last year were some of the best around, with savings of 35% across most of their range. If you want a powerful, mid-size pickup truck, they only offer luxury models, although your location will influence what is available to you.

Avis tend to reward customers who hire for longer periods, with one or two days of free driving per week, depending on your needs. This makes them one of the highest-rated companies in terms of value for money at all times of the year. Their Black Friday deals could make your own experience even better.


With the Hertz van rental range including the trusty Ford Transit, you're guaranteed to drive a top-of-the line vehicle by doing business with this established rental company. They've already kick-started the month with a deal saving customers up to 25% of their rental costs. This price reduction is provided in the form of free rental days, or fixed costs on weekly or weekend rentals.

Hertz also offer discounted rates to members and have one of the best reward schemes on the market.  Taking into account last year’s Black Friday deals, you should find anything up to a 30% discount - without worrying whether that will be paid in free days or specific fees.

To take full advantage of a Hertz van or truck rental offer, it would be worth you registering your details with them first and taking advantage of all of their available offers at once.