Simplify your car shopping experience by comparing several types of Chevrolet trucks.

Compare New Chevrolet Trucks

Compare New Chevrolet Trucks

Continue reading here to get an overview of some of the top Chevy trucks, their features and prices.

Consider the Chevy Silverado 1500

With a starting price of $27,195, the Chevy Silverado is well within the budget of many car shoppers. You can also discuss financing options at your local Silverado dealership. When equipped with a V8 motor, the truck has a 12,000-pound towing capacity, aided by the fact that the truck gets 420 horsepower. Because of these characteristics and others, the Chevy Silverado has a reputation for being among the most dependable, longest-lasting trucks on the road. Not surprisingly, it has won awards and generally receives high marks from truck owners. If desired, you can get this truck with an LED lighting package so your truck's lights are brighter and longer lasting. This makes it easier to see the road ahead, and you're more readily seen by other drivers.

Want to really stand out from the crowd? Get a special edition model of your new Chevy Truck. Silverado special editions include the Midnight, the Rally and the Realtree. Many of these cool trucks have eye-catching graphics, so everyone knows you splurged on a special edition. They also have features that boost performance, such as bed liners, off-road tires and parking assistants.


Pick the 2500 SilveradoHD from the Chevy Truck Lineup

Pick the 2500 SilveradoHD from the Chevy Truck Lineup

Maybe you want an especially robust full-size truck that's ready for your toughest tasks. If so, you might be interested in the Silverado 2500HD. It has a starting price of $33,310. This truck boasts an 18,100-pound towing capacity when properly equipped. Whether you need to tow a car, a horse trailer or a camper, this truck is up for the challenge. Get your new Chevy truck with an available Duramax 6.6-liter engine that gives class-leading horsepower, along with 910 pound-foot of torque. As soon as you test drive it, it will be clear the designers had small details in mind. For example, the hood on diesel models of this truck has been remade to make the vents more functional, which results in better towing performance.

Like many new Chevrolet trucks, this make also has some special editions you might consider. Go with the High Desert Package, which comes with a lockable, water-resistant storage unit, to keep your precious cargo well protected. Also, for the first time ever, this vehicle in the Chevy truck lineup features Magnetic Ride Control technology that keeps your ride smooth even if the road is bumpy. You also might go with the Custom Sport HD, which offers a full assortment of aesthetic and high-performance details. They include front and rear parking assistants, a spray-in bed liner, a grille and bumpers that match the truck's body color, plus 20-inch aluminum wheels.

Ask a representative at your nearest Silverado dealership if you're interested in one of these special editions. Special edition trucks have various prices depending on which one you go with, but if you've been carefully researching all the new Chevy trucks and have realized you really want a special edition and nothing else, it's worth spending the extra cash. After all, consider that your vehicle is an investment that shows off your personality and makes transportation much easier. It could be a purchase that you enjoy for years to come.


Choose the Chevy Colorado

Choose the Chevy Colorado

With a starting price of $20,055, the Colorado is the most affordable of the Chevy trucks for sale. Even so, it has no shortage of appealing features that make every trip more fun. Able to achieve up to 308 horsepower, this mid-sized truck has a 7,700-pound towing capacity. It also offers an estimated 30 miles per gallon on the highway. As you research the details of this truck, you'll also find out that it has available autonomous safety features. One of them, the Forward Collision Alert, senses possible obstacles in your path and warns you so you have time to take appropriate option by braking the vehicle in time. Similarly, the Lane Departure Warning alerts you if it seems you have left your intended lane of travel without signaling to other drivers. Does your family love to surf the internet from their smartphones and tablets while you're on the road? If so, get your Chevrolet Colorado with an available 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection. That way, wherever you go, you'll always have an onboard hotspot.

Narrowing Down Your Decision

Now that you've gotten an overview of the Chevy trucks for sale, you may already have an idea of which one you want to buy. On the other hand, perhaps you think they all sound good and you know that picking one is going to be a very hard choice. No matter what, you're now in a good position to visit your Chevy dealer and express interest in getting a truck. During that initial meeting, take the time to explain your top needs, your lifestyle, your budget and anything else you think is relevant. The more the dealership representative knows about your expectations, the more likely they'll be able to get you matched with a truck you'll genuinely love.


Test Driving the Models

Arguably, one of the most enjoyable parts of checking out new Chevrolet trucks is getting to test drive them. Fortunately, once you're behind the wheel of each truck you're interested in, it will be easy for you to tell how the vehicle handles the road, how much room is inside, and whether the cargo area is large enough for all the essentials you'll want to haul. To get the most out of your test drives, make lists of the things that are most important to you about the trucks and see how well they meet your expectations. For example, you might note that you want to see how well the Silverado handles hills and make sure that you drive through a hilly area when testing the truck.