The new Dodge Journey 2017 brings comfort and space at a reasonable price, with some small changes from the 2016 model.


Comparing the top features of the Dodge Journey 2016 and New Dodge Journey 2017

Comparing the top features of the Dodge Journey 2016 and 2017

The differences are small but important and worth taking into consideration.


What are the options?

The 2017 model offers roughly the same selection of trims as the 2016, namely the Journey SE, Journey SXT, Crossroad and Crossroad plus. At the top of the 2017 range is the GT, which replaces last year’s R/T. There are also a number of upgrade packages available. One example is the Blacktop package, which highlights the car in gloss black and includes 19-inch wheels and a grille. This formidable makeover is only available for higher trims but applies to the 2016 and 2017 models. From the outside, there’s little to separate the two cars. Spacious and sturdy, the Journey is on the small side for a crossover SUV, but still promises a roomy atmosphere with good specifications.


Staying safe on the roads

In family cars such as the Journey, safety is a key concern. Fortunately, in this area, both models come well-equipped with a range of features designed to protect the occupants. All models of the car contain headrests for every seat, child seat anchors and emergency braking, along with numerous other safety features. The 2017, however, lacks rear airbags in higher trims, which may be a deal breaker for drivers who regularly fill up the back seats. The Journey was awarded four out of five stars by NHTSA in crash safety, so both models can provide a high level of reassurance to drivers. The Dodge Journey 2017 also scored the highest possible score in almost all areas on a test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. As a practical, safe car, the Dodge Journey is hard to beat, and the newer models continue this trend.


Driving in comfort

Driving in comfort

It’s important to be comfortable while driving, and this is one thing the Dodge Journey has always taken seriously. The 2016 and 2017 Journeys come packed with features to make the experience a pleasant one, including multi-zone climate control, keyless ignition and power steering. In higher trims, you can expect auto climate control and a power driver’s seat. It’s also possible in all 2017 models to upgrade to a third row of seats, comfortably accommodating up to seven passengers (in a noteworthy improvement from the 2016 Journey, these come as standard in all but the most basic trim). There is no shortage of room in either model, and up to 67.6 cubic feet of cargo space available with the rear seats reclined. The new 2017 Dodge Journey also offers rear ventilation ducts with fan control, giving passengers sweet relief from heat in sticky summer months. Ride quality is smooth and quiet, with responsive handling, so you can be sure of an enjoyable driving experience with minimal discomfort, regardless of which model you choose. What’s more, most of the higher trims come with upholstery that is leather-trimmed or, at the top of the range, entirely leather.


What’s the performance like?

Performance in the Journey 2017 remains essentially unchanged from the still fairly new Dodge Journey 2016. Basic versions offer a 2.4 liter gas engine, with a horsepower of 173 at 6000 RPM. If you’re in search of a more powerful experience, the R/T and GT models come with a more impressive 3.6 liter V6 engine and 283 horsepower. These engines are also available as an upgrade for all trims. The Journey, while not traditionally a car built for speed and power, offers a solid level of performance. If this is an important area for you, it may be worth considering the R/T or GT model, as these have significantly more powerful engines.


What to expect from the tech

What to expect from the tech

There are a number of attractive features for the 2016 and 2017 models, although many of these are available only as an upgrade. Some of the basic gadgets include USB ports and audio controls on the steering wheel. Investing in a higher trim will get you Bluetooth, a DVD player and a rearview camera. Compared to vehicles in the same size and price range, the range of technical features for base models is impressive. On long journeys, entertainment is important. The 2017 Journey offers a total of six speakers as a standard feature in all of its models, something the 2016 failed to do. Owning one of the more expensive 2017 models means you can make use of a memory card slot, allowing you to bring your own library of music and movies on every trip you take. Both cars offer video monitors and satellite radio in the higher trims to make sure boring family vacations are a thing of the past.


Is the new Dodge Journey 2016 and 2017 good value for money?

The new Dodge Journey 2017 is marginally more expensive than its older cousin, with all base prices $150 more than before, and higher trims costing $250 more. It’s questionable whether the additional cost is worth it for a car with relatively few differences, but the price gap isn’t vast. Overall, the value is great for a car which delivers reliable performance and a comfortable experience, especially compared to vehicles of a similar size on the market.


Being eco-friendly

The ecology of vehicles is becoming increasingly important for many reasons. The Dodge Journey 2017 offers a reasonably good level of fuel economy for such a car, at 19 mpg in the city and 26 on the highway for base models. The V6 version is understandably a little higher, coming in at 17 and 25. Both cars have a range of 389.5 miles in cities, while the newest Journey is a little weaker in terms of its highway range --512.5 miles compared to the 533 miles of the 2016 edition.