Still synonymous with high-end luxury, the new Cadillac Escalade comes with new trim and color options drivers will love.


Discover the New Features of the Cadillac Escalade

 Discover the New Features of the Cadillac Escalade

From the exterior to the interior, Cadillac has done its best to reestablish the Escalade as the clear winner when it comes to luxury in a large vehicle. The difference is like night and day.


Interior Changes

You want to enjoy the ride in an Escalade, and the latest interior changes ensure that this is going to happen. Nappa leather is still featured on the first and second row seats along with Provence leather on the door trim and console. However, if you opt for the Platinum trim package, you’re going to get Opus leather throughout the vehicle. The 4WD changes may not seem like a lot, but now the actual control knob has a lighting indicator, making it easier to see inside no matter where you are going.


Exterior Changes for the New Escalade for Sale

The most noticeable of the exterior changes is probably the available colors. Four of the previous metallic colors--Gray Silk, Majestic Plum, Dark Emerald and Terra Mocha--have all been discontinued. The two latest colors in the new Escalade for sale are Dark Adriatic Blue Metallic and the Bronze Dune Metallic, but you can expect to pay an extra charge to get these color schemes. The wheels are another important change. The 22-inch design adds to the profile and the aesthetic of the vehicle.


Technology Changes

Technology Changes

Technology seems to be constantly changing, and Cadillac does a great job of keeping up with the times. Pandora has been added as an available app in the Cadillac Collection app store and passengers can now take advantage of videos that can be viewed from the infotainment screen in the front, provided that the car is in park. The rear entertainment system has also been improved with HDMI and HML inputs. Cadillac Cue is nothing new, but it too brings some new things to the table. The Collection lets you browse and install apps to enhance your experience, including music, weather and even audiobooks. The Teen Driver is every parent’s dream. You can create customizable vehicle settings that help ensure your teen is keeping safe on the road. You can even check out the in-vehicle report to see exactly what happened while your teen was on the road.

Another technological improvement is the Rear Seat Reminder System. The idea is to remind a driver to check the back seats of the car before exiting the vehicle. For some, it will remind them to pick up some items left behind. But for others, it is an important reminder to ensure that children, pets and other passengers aren’t being left behind when the driver exits the vehicle. Both the Escalade and the ESV versions of the vehicle will feature the new Rear Seat Reminder System.


Rear Camera Mirror & Automatic Park Assist

The rear camera mirror isn’t going to be found on the base model of the Escalade. However, the other trims are going to offer it. The OnStar button is now easier to reach, as it is on the console instead of the actual rearview mirror. Because the Escalade isn’t a tiny vehicle, drivers are also going to appreciate the Automatic Park Assist that guides the vehicle into parking spaces, instructing the driver on what to do. These sensors provide added peace of mind for drivers who are concerned about getting into a parallel parking space.


Available Trims

In the past, it was easy to get the different trim packages confused. Now, Cadillac has made everything easier with clear package names that can help you select the Escalade that is best for you. The base model is simply called the Escalade. One step up is the Luxury, followed by the Premium Luxury. Then, if you are interested in going all out, you are going to want the Platinum trim package. It includes power retractable steps to assist a person with getting in and out of the vehicle. Each of the trim options comes in 2WD or 4WD.


Radiant Package

radiant package

Within all these trims except the Platinum, you can also opt for the Radiant Package. The selling point for this addition is the fact that drivers are sure to get a little extra attention when they pull into the parking lot. The package offers 22-inch chrome wheels with seven split spoke wheels. The grille looks more impressive and the exhaust has a chrome tip. This package is usually added by the dealer.


New Escalade For Sale Versus. the ESV

After deciding on a trim, you are going to want to investigate whether you want the Escalade or the ESV. While the front seat comfort seems to be the same in both, the passengers in the back are really going to notice a difference. In most cases, adults in the very back seat may find themselves a bit cramped. The ESV offers additional space that makes the ride a little more comfortable but comes with a slightly higher price tag. The ESV is also going to offer more cargo space for families planning to head out on a road trip.


Miscellaneous Changes

Some of the other changes aren’t going to be getting a lot of attention as they are minor. However, it’s still important to know about them, especially if you are familiar with some of the older versions of the Cadillac Escalade. For example, the icon that offers information on shock absorption has been moved and is now found in the MODE icon. When you do change modes, you can expect different steering sensitivities, different types of transmission shifts and even a different feeling suspension. This allows a driver to customize his or her experience, a real benefit for a vehicle with multiple drivers.