The trim of a truck makes a huge difference in its appearance and style. Choose the trim that best suits you and your style.


Discover the Different Dodge Ram 1500 Trims

Discover the Different Dodge Ram 1500 Trims

When you buy a 1500 Dodge truck, you don’t want to go halfway. This is a dependable vehicle that is going to last and you want to be sure that you get the look you really want.



The Tradesman comes in a regular, quad and crew cab, making it perfect for an individual or a family looking for a great truck. It comes with 17-inch wheels standard, automatic headlights and a spray-in bedliner. The black bumper, grille and door handles add to its super sleek appearance. Cruise control along with a sound system made up of six speakers rounds out the truck. The Class IV receiver hitch as well as the bedliner come standard in this trim but end up being options for the Ram 1500 Express. Like other versions of the Dodge 1500 Ram truck, you can choose between short or long bed, as well as a regular cab, quad cab or crew cab.


Ram 1500 Express

The 1500 Express is much like the Tradesman with the exception of the included hitch and bedliner. However, you are going to get 20-inch aluminum wheels along with bumpers and grilles that match the body of the truck. Don’t forget the carpeted floors and floor mats that add a little extra something. You can also get this version of the 1500 Dodge truck in all black, also known as the Black Ram 1550. What makes this stand out from the rest? It’s the completely black interior that creates quite a sensation with a black grille, tinted glass and all-black markings.


Big Horn

You might here these version of the Dodge 1500 truck called the Lone Star, depending on who you talk to. You are going to get the addition of a 115-volt outlet as well as an upgraded interior featuring cloth upholstery as opposed to the vinyl of the two previous trims. Power lumbar, along with ten different options for the driver’s power seat, and leather wrapped steering wheel makes the ride a little more lush. The touchscreen featuring Uconnect Access is also convenient, making it possible to integrate your smartphone into the drive. It’s even possible to turn your truck into a WiFi hotspot, giving you access to the Internet while on the road. Remote start is included.



Dodge Ram Rebel

If you need a truck that is going to be at home off-road, the Rebel has your name written all over it. This crew cab only comes with the 5 foot, 7 inch bed but it closely resembles the Sport R/T trim. Bilstein shock absorbers make the ride a little better and tow hooks make the vehicle more versatile. But you are really going to appreciate the heated front seats, heated steering wheel and keyless entry that all come standard. If you really want to stand out from the rest, the Dodge 1500 Ram truck Rebel Black package is the way to go with a unique exterior appearance.



Looking for power and an appealing aesthetic in a Dodge 1500 truck? The Ram 1500 Sport comes with the V-8 engine standard, 20-inch wheels and an upgraded information display for the driver. Accent lighting for both the interior and the exterior, including the taillights, are LED. The headlights are actually projector style, adding to the vehicle’s tough appearance in the dark. Within this trim, the R/T package features a regular cab, rear-wheel drive, 22-inch wheels, a seven speaker sound system and a unique hood. Unfortunately, you do lose the inclusion of the remote start as standard. But you can always add this as an extra.



Night is a special edition package that starts with the Sport trim and takes things to the next level. If you want a great working truck that looks good too, this is the vehicle you need. You’re still going to get the power folding mirrors and door handles as well as the high back cloth bucket seats that are heated. However, you’re going to notice that the all-season tires have black sidewalls and the aluminum grill is a glossy black. Black lettering on the tailgate adds to the appearance. There will be several different color options to choose from, including the aptly named Brilliant Black and Flame Red.


Dodge Laramie 1500

Dodge Laramie - 1500Copyright: avtodor

It’s important to note that this version of the Dodge 1500 Ram only comes in crew cab and extended cab. The first thing you’ll notice is the additional chrome exterior trim. While it does have the bench seat in front just like the Big Horn, it more closely resembles the Sport. Leather upholstery, chrome accented 20-inch wheels, and front seats that are both ventilated and heated, making the ride all the more comfortable no matter what the climate. The ten speaker surround sound is a stand out features as is the vehicle’s ability to remember a driver’s settings in order to create the most ideal experience possible in the Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie.


Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn

While this trim only comes in crew cab, don’t feel like you are being shorted on the features. This is different than many of the other options because of the unique appearance of the exterior. The spray-in bedliner adds to the truck’s usability, as does the larger gas tank and tow hooks. Enjoy keyless entry and remote start standard. Between the navigation system, the front and back parking sensors, and the leather upholstery (full in the front, trimmed in the rear), there isn’t much to dislike about this upgraded version of the Dodge Laramie 1500.



If you’re looking for something fancy, you’ll be sure to stop at the Limited trim. The leather upholstery is a luxurious addition to the vehicle as is the monotone paint. Getting in and out is a lot easier with the side step bars that come standard. When it rains, the windshield wipers are automatic and the air suspension is self-leveling. This means all you need to do is drive. While all of the trims feature different things, most are just places to start. Often, you can opt to include some of the other features at an additional cost. Before you buy, don’t be afraid to ask about any other options you might be considering.