If you need passenger or cargo vans, Chevy has options that can help you haul cargo, cart passengers around, and customize to your specifications.


Comparing Chevrolet Vans and Prices

Comparing Chevrolet Vans and Prices

Keep reading to learn more about the various Chevy van options that are available.


New Chevy Vans: Express

The Express line of Chevy vans has a variety of packages from which to choose. You can customize the best option to suit the job you have at hand. Whether you need to make deliveries or take people from place to place, there is an Express vehicle to suit your needs. There are a number of things you can expect from any of the Express vehicles you choose.


Ultimate Performance

If you purchase any of the Express trims, you will get an innovative tow and haul mode that helps the automatic transmission with a dual-mode shift program. You don't have to worry about your hauling damaging the vehicle with these modes to help. You’ll also get the option of the most powerful diesel engine in the class when you choose the Express Cargo Van. Otherwise, all of the vans have a standard 6-speed automatic transmission with tap up and down driver shift controls. When you have a heavy load, the auto grade braking can help you slow the van down using the engine so you don't have to think quite as far ahead.


Space for Everyone and Everything

Whether you choose the entry-level van or one higher up the size chain, you will have plenty of space for everyone you need to haul and everything you have to take along with you. The Express gets everyone where they need to go with a seat available for safety and comfort. The full-size passenger seating mode can seat up to 12 people on a standard basis. There is extra seating available to accommodate 15 if you choose the option that extends the wheelbase.


An Office on Wheels

An office on wheels

Many business owners choose the Express when looking at new Chevy vans because the van can become akin to an office on wheels. The city-friendly size makes the vehicle easy to drive in traffic, and the interior functions are efficient and friendly at every turn. You can drive a vehicle that makes tight turns in the city and meets all of your business needs. The compact size allows you to get good fuel efficiency over a cargo van or large pickup truck, while the passenger capabilities make these vans highly versatile. When you fold the seats forward, you have a flat working space to run your business anywhere you go. When the seats are up, you have plenty of room for anyone who needs to ride along.


Express Cargo Van

The Express Cargo Van starts at $30,595. This ultimate commercial vehicle is both dependable and versatile. No matter what your tasks are, this van can meet your needs. The Express Cargo is a working van that will last for many years. The exterior and interior are highly versatile, and they can be changed to grow with your business as you need to make changes. You can get equipment packages like rooftop storage for large work gear so you have room inside for all the other tools you need to take along. The passenger doors swing out to make it easier to load and unload the vehicle. The regular cargo vans have more than 270 cubic feet of space and can handle over 8,500 pounds of equipment or anything else you need to load. If you get an extended wheelbase, you get over 310 cubic feet of space and a weight limit of 9,600 pounds. With high-tech capabilities like a 4G hotspot, you can seamlessly connect your smart devices to the internet and become a true moving office anywhere you need to go.


Express Passenger Van

Express Passenger Van

The Passenger Van starts at $32,990 and is known for getting people where they need to go in comfort and style. You can get 12 people in the van, which extends to 15 if you opt for a wider wheel base. There is a long list of safety features that come standard on this vehicle, with a few options as well. For example, you get OnStar Basic services for five years included with the vehicle's purchase. This full-sized van is a great choice for you and the travelers you are carrying with you. The accommodating design is customizable and spacious to give you versatile options depending on the day. On the outside, you have a hitch-mounted storage container for equipment, luggage or anything else you need to take along. You can also get a number of other space add-ons for the exterior. Inside, the passenger doors swing out to make loading and unloading easier for everyone. With comfort features like power windows, rear air conditioning, and other items, no one has to be uncomfortable for any length of time. This powerful van is built to last and to perform well for its entire existence with the Vortec V8 engines.


City Express

The smallest van in the Express line is the City Express. This van starts at $21,955. You can take on everyday city tasks with this small cargo van that has unique proportions to help you maneuver the city with a variety of different cargos in tow. You get an engine with 131 horsepower coupled with a variable transmission. It has a spacious cargo area that even allows the front passenger seat to fold flat to create a continuous workspace and larger cargo. The center console helps allow for the maximum storage capacity, so even though you have a smaller van overall, you still have plenty of room. The floor-mounted D-rings and roof rack help add storage capabilities as well. The vehicle is well-equipped with split rear cargo doors that open out to allow for easy loading and unloading. You get other things standard, such as heated outside mirrors, backup sensors, cruise control, vinyl flooring, left- and right-side sliding doors and plenty of other items. Keep in mind that the smaller vehicle will get better gas mileage both in town and on the highway. and with its customizable space, it might be just right for your in-town hauling needs.