Buying an SUV this year becomes a much simpler task when you know the prices and top features of leading models.


Which of the Newest SUV's is Ideal For You?

Which of the Newest SUV's is Ideal For You

Take a look at this list of the SUV's that are expected to dominate the market in 2017, and figure out which one is ideal to suit your driving needs.


The Mazda CX-5 is One of the 2017 SUV Models to Consider

The Mazda CX-5 is an SUV that's purposefully built inside and out. You can even buy it in a specific red hue that uses a three-layer paint process which depends on light manipulation to give a sense that the car is moving, even when it's not. As soon as you sit in the cabin of the SUV, it'll be clear this vehicle was made with you in mind. All the controls are easy to reach, and an available Active Driving Display panel is put well within view so you can check the vehicle's stats when you're on the move. This car also has active autonomous safety features that could keep you safer from harm during your journeys. It can prevent wheel slippage and more without your input. Pricing has not yet been announced for this vehicle, and there's not yet as much information on it compared to some 2016 new SUVs, but it's certainly one of the 2017 new SUVs to watch.


The Ford Transit Connect is Among The SUV's to Research

The Ford Transit Connect is Among The SUV Vans to Research

Maybe you know that you'll need a vehicle that has plenty of room inside, whether you're carrying people, suitcases or something else. In that case, it's worthwhile to consider purchasing one of the SUV vans available on the market. The Ford Transit Connect is one such option. It's spacious yet streamlined. Offering seating for seven, this vehicle is marketed as a light commercial vehicle. It's designed to combine tough durability like a truck, plus the comfort normally offered by cars. With a starting price of $23,010, it's affordable for many car shoppers, and that's especially true when leasing the vehicle and paying for it by the month. This SUV van offers a 2,000-pound tow rating when properly equipped, and boasts a payload rating of up to 1,610 pounds when you have the van loaded down. Some models of this new SUV 2017 offer up to 149 cubic feet of storage space with the passenger seat folded. This vehicle also comes with several built-in safety features that help you stay safer on the road by assisting you in maintaining traction or controlling your speed.


Check Out the Chevrolet Equinox 

With a starting price of $23,100, the Equinox from Chevrolet is one of the 2017 SUV models that provides you with plenty of features but doesn't break the bank. It's also very fuel efficient, because when equipped with the available four-cylinder engine and in four-wheel drive mode, the vehicle gets an EPA-estimated 31 miles to the gallon on the highway. That means you don't have to worry about interrupting your travels too often with frequent stops at the gas station. Take your pick of beautiful colors, from light grey to vibrant red. No matter which shade you choose, you're sure to make a strong statement. If you and your household are very tech savvy, this SUV was made for you. It features an available 4G hotspot so you can connect to the Internet even if you're not near a public place that offers access. Feel more confident in reverse by relying on the available rear vision camera, and get details about wherever you're traveling by studying information given to you on the seven-inch diagonal touchscreen panel integrated into the dashboard. Clearly, the Equinox is one of the 2017 new SUVs that's worth your attention.


How About the Honda CR-V?

How About the Honda CR-V?


Made for people who love adventure, the Honda CR-V is both stylish and well-engineered. It's sure to turn heads wherever you go. This new SUV 2017 has a starting price of $24,045and can get up to 32 miles per gallon on the highway according to EPA estimates. Also, it's a car designed with welcome details. One of them is a driver's seat that recalls your preferred position, in case you let someone else take the wheel for a while but don't want to waste precious time re-adjusting your seat. Like the other SUV vans on this list, the vehicle has a suite of autonomous safety features that could help you prevent accidents. The technology alerts you if you're migrating from your intended lane of travel and can even activate the brakes automatically to prevent an impending collision. There's also an adaptive cruise control system. It can tell how far you are from the nearest car in front, and make constant adjustments to the vehicle's speed to maintain that distance. These features aren't substitutes for safe driving, but they could spot things on the road that you'd otherwise miss and assist you in taking appropriate action.


Don't Overlook Models Made in 2016

The models discussed above are some of the newest SUVs for 2017. They're worth thinking about as you become more informed about today's auto options, but keep in mind that you may also want to buy a new SUV 2016 model. There are many reasons why you may go that route. It may become clear that there are more dealers that specialize in 2016 SUV models in your community meaning that if you go with one made in that year, you have more choices. Also, some 2017 models may not be on site at your dealership yet, meaning you have to wait for them to be shipped to wherever you live. That's time consuming and probably comes with associated fees. Most people also know there's a good chance that 2016 new SUVs will be at least slightly less expensive than ones made in 2017. If cost is a major concern, it's certainly worthwhile to consider whether 2016 SUV models could meet your needs as well, or almost as well, as newer models. New SUV 2016 models may also come in different trim levels that you visually prefer or think are more practical for your way of life.