Audi new car prices aren't the lowest on the market, but even if you have a tight budget, you can still afford one.


Your Guide to Getting the Best Deal on a New Audi

Your Guide to Getting the Best Deal on a New Audi

If you're looking for an Audi R8 dealership or an Audi Q7 dealer, you can certainly save some money on your new car using some tips and tricks.


Shop Around for Audi New Car Prices

If you are trying to buy an Audi, it makes sense to shop around, so be sure to visit an Audi R8 dealership and see an Audi Q7 dealer, too. You might want to talk to all of the Audi dealerships in your area. Don't make it a secret that you're working with several dealers because this can result in something like a bidding war, and you will be able to negotiate the price of your Audi down into your budget range. Once you get an idea of prices and options, you can decide whether an Audi is right for you or not.


Consider Your Budget 

An Audi is one of the more expensive cars on the market, so it makes sense to consider your budget before you buy. Consider the interest rate and the total price of the Audi you want to buy, then determine what the monthly payment will look like. Sometimes you can get financing right at the Audi dealership, but other times you may want to consider getting your financing from a bank or private source. Look into the savings of both options so that you can be sure you're getting the absolute best deal on your Audi that you can.


Buy Used

Buy Used

Audi new car prices are pretty high in some cases, and you can save quite a bit of money by purchasing a pre-owned Audi instead of a brand new one. Many of the most recent models are very similar to those rolling off the assembly line right now, so you won’t have to sacrifice in any way to own an Audi and can save a whole lot of money on your purchase. You can find used Audi cars at any Audi dealership, but you might be able to get further savings by looking at smaller dealerships because they can mark their used cars down lower as they aren't such a big name.


Look up New Audi Deals Online

Sometimes looking for new Audi deals online can save you some money. This makes it easy to see what's out there and have a discussion with your dealer to find out more about the models and the features available for each one. You can even work out a time to test drive the Audi and set up financing if you decide to buy. Looking for new Audi deals online is a great way to buy a new car if you don't have a lot of time to spend at dealerships looking at models and trying to decide which one you want. Many times, the dealer will even bring the car to you so you can give it a test drive.


Trade in Your Current Car

If you have a car that you are no longer driving, you can use it as a trade-in to reduce the cost of your new Audi. Before you do this, consult the experts at a site like Kelly Blue Book to find out what a fair value is on your trade-in. That way ,you are educated and ready to negotiate for a fair price when you get to the car dealership. You may not get full value for a trade-in because the dealership will need to make some money on it too, but you should be able to get a decent amount that you can put toward the Audi of your dreams. If you don't get what you want for your trade-in, consider selling it on your own for cash and then using that money as part of your down payment toward your new Audi.


Buy at the End of the Month

Buy at the End of the Month

Car salespeople usually have a monthly quota they are supposed to meet, and they are sometimes struggling to reach that quota as the month draws to a close. Shopping in the last few days of the month can save you a good amount of money because the salespeople will be trying to reach their sales goal. You might be able to negotiate a lower price because the salesperson will be more willing to deal with you.


Buy Last Year's Model

If you can wait until the latest model comes out, you can save money on a brand-new Audi from the previous year. You won't have to sacrifice anything and will still be able to own a brand-new Audi, but you can save a bundle when you choose a model that is a year old. Most dealerships will advertise when the newest model comes out, and you'll know that's a good time to visit the dealership and see if you can strike a bargain on last year's Audi because the dealerships will want to move them off the lot to make room for the newest ones.


Beware of Hidden Fees and Costs

Knowing which fees and costs can surprise you will help save you from spending more than you want to on your new Audi. Research the dealerships and Audi models you are looking at and make sure you understand what extras you might be responsible for paying. That way, you can factor them into the cost of the new car or determine if they are fees or costs you can negotiate out of your contract so that you don't have to pay for them at all. You can often get this information from calling the dealership directly or reading the fine print on its website.