Chrysler offers many different models from which to choose, each one suited to fit different purposes. Do you know which one will work best for you?


An Overview of the Current Chrysler Car Price & Models

An Overview of the Current Chrysler Models

Chrysler provides cars for people that desire both performance and luxury, and Chrysler cars price options are able to accommodate anyone’s financial situation.


Car Chrysler 200

For an entry level car Chrysler 200 models have a starting price of $22,000 and are capable of an EPA-estimated 36 mpg on the highway. It is able to pull this off by utilizing its special 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine and a class-exclusive nine-speed transmission. The Chrysler 200 was also named an IIHS Top Safety Pick, so not only is it an efficient car but also a safe car. If you’re looking for a more powerful car Chrysler 200 models can also be fit with a 295 horsepower 3.6 liter V6 engine. Beyond the performance, the 200 is built with features to make the car more comfortable and safe in your travels. It comes with steering wheel controls for climate regulation, an audio system and cruise control. It also features two different sunroof options from which to pick, as well as optional voice recognition software. Additional optional features are a digital information display, remote keyless ignition and a multi-function 8.4" LCD touchscreen device. A multitude of standard and available safety features make the 200 a very safe Craisler car. All 200 models come equipped with eight airbags and an electric parking brake with automatic activation in the event that the driver forgets to activate the brake upon exiting the vehicle. Optional safety features available include the adaptive cruise control, forward collision alert, lane sensing assistance, rear backup camera and all-around parking assistance.


Chrysler 300

Chrysler 300

Next in line is the mighty 300. This Chrysler car price starts at $32,000 and comes with a 3.6 liter V6 that is capable of producing up to 30 mpg, providing the 300 with the best-in-class V6 driving range. Adding to this are a high-performance suspension kit and an advanced all-wheel drive system, both of which provide this luxury sedan with the handling and power of a real American muscle car. The 300 is loaded with technology. It comes standard with leather-trimmed seats, an 8.4" touchscreen display with Bluetooth and satellite navigation, s wireless charging pad and voice recognition software. You can also add such features as the SiriusXM satellite radio, a ten-speaker sound system and optional high-beam control headlamps. The 300 comes with many of the standard safety features you’d expect to find, but with many optional sensors and assist features available to help keep you safe wherever you may be. While on the road, you can fit your Craisler car with a lane departure warning system, forward collision warning sensor and electronic brake assistance to help apply sufficient brake pressure to avoid an incident. You can also add a blind spot monitoring system to help avoid other cars when you're making lane changes. For those who could use an extra sense of comfort when reversing out of parking spots, the 300 can utilize a rear cross path detection system.


Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler Pacifica

Next on the list is the Chrysler Pacifica, which has been named the North American utility vehicle of the year for 2017. This Chrysler car price starts at $28,500 and features comfortable seating for up to eight people. It comes equipped with leather-trimmed seats, panoramic sunroof and a hands-free sliding door for easier loading and unloading. The Pacifica uses the same 3.6 liter V6 that is found in the 200 and 300 models, and thus is capable of up to 28 mpg on the highway. This minivan was included in WardsAuto’s 10 Best Interiors list for its attention to driver and passenger comfort. It features easy tilting seats and has the class-only under-seat storage system, allowing for easy additional storage space when you need it. With the optional storable vacuum, you can even keep your interior spotless while on the go. The Pacifica comes with an 8.4" touchscreen with Bluetooth and satellite navigation and has the option for dual 10.1" touchscreens with Blu-ray player, dual HDMI inputs, Bluetooth remotes and downloadable applications for the second row. The safety features available to the Pacifica are similar to those seen above. It has options to include the lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control and rear park assist. Also available on the Pacifica is a 360 degree surround view camera system that allows you to see an external birds-eye view of your car through four well-placed cameras positioned outside of the vehicle.


Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Sitting at the top of the Chrysler cars price range at $42,000 is America’s first hybrid minivan: the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. The Pacifica has many of the same features as the standard Pacifica model but with the addition of an electric motor, it is now capable of an estimated mpg of 84. This gives the Pacifica Hybrid a total driving range of 566 miles, which is farther than the distance between San Diego and San Francisco! Given its status as a hybrid and its exceptional fuel economy, the Pacifica Hybrid may qualify you for up to a $7,500 federal tax credit, reducing the price to that of the average luxury sedan. In addition to the standard and optional Pacifica features, the hybrid model also comes with a hybrid teaching tool. This will help instruct you on the most efficient methods to minimize your fuel consumption. You also have access to a mobile application that allows you to wirelessly monitor your charging state, locate the nearest charging points and view your driving history report and many other statistics and utilities all from your smart phone device. Chrysler provides your new hybrid with a wall-mounted charging station for you to install in your garage for easy charging at home.