Buying a pre-owned car carries a myriad of advantages that could improve your motoring experience.


What you need to know about purchasing a Civic Honda used

What you need to know about purchasing a used Honda

If you are looking to change your current ride, there are many reasons to settle for a used Civic Honda.


Affordable Honda used car prices

In tough economic times, keeping your car buying cost low without compromising the quality makes absolute sense. Paying an affordable car price for a Honda is an excellent motoring and financial decision. It enables you to access the smooth riding comfort that you can expect from the reliable carmaker at a fraction of the cost. Due to their sturdy and durable construction, Hondas under five years make great purchases and will retain their resale value. New cars depreciate at an alarming rate. They lose 20 percent immediately when you hit the highway and a further 10 percent in the first year. That translates into a 30 percent loss in the first year alone. With a little bit of research, you can get a used Civic Honda car in excellent condition and keep the 30 percent difference.


Quality assurance 

With credible companies such as Honda, you are assured of good Honda used car prices under the pre-owned certification program. The program only encompasses cars under three years old with less than 30,000 miles on the odometer. Such cars are factory reset to the carmakers signature quality standard to ensure all the major systems are in tiptop shape. The process entails reconditioning the various vehicle components and replacing the worn bits with authentic Honda parts. The 182-checkpoint system ensures that every aspect of the car lives up to set standards. Many of the Civic Honda used cars come from the company’s leasing program, meaning that the owners kept them in excellent condition. People who lease cars often take care of them to avoid the stiff penalties that could otherwise result.


Ready access to the vehicle history report 

Ready access to the vehicle history report

Before making a decision to buy a used Civic Honda car, you should first make a request for the vehicle history report. Autocheck and Carfax are some of the largest supplies of these reports, and you should not move forward with a deal in their absence. The two companies use the vehicle’s VIN to obtain crucial information about the vehicle you are about to buy. The vehicle history reports shows the number of previous owners, lemon law history, repairs and the number of accidents or flood repairs. The previous registration history shows the uses the previous uses of the car, such as personal, lease, taxi or fleet, and validates mileage. Armed with such information, you can make an informed decision and get a reliable Civic Honda. When buying from a dealer, you have access to a free history report for the car you are interested in purchasing.


Drive a better car 

One overlooked benefit of buying a Civic Honda used car is that you get a better car deal and value for money. In most cases, you have a chance of getting a car of a higher trim when buying it secondhand. For the price of a base model in a given car class, you can have premium trim in a pre-owned variety. Rather than making do with the barest minimum features, you can have a fully loaded car at a fraction of the cost. You can easily trade the new car smell for leather upholstery, state of the art infotainment and more safety features on a used Honda model. The higher trim models are outfitted to deliver a better ride, performance and comforts while keeping you safe. By making careful choices, you can improve your driving experience and get to drive a superior car model without breaking the bank


Lowered cost of insurance

The cost of your vehicle insurance hinges on the total value of your vehicle, and as such, new cars carry higher insurance premiums. Because of this, they can leave a sizeable dent in your wallet every time and drive up the cost of car ownership. Buying a used car, on the other hand, helps you to save money. Since the Honda used car prices are lower, the insurance premium on your used car will be significantly lower.


Better financing terms 

Better financing terms

Most credible automakers, including Honda, feature attractive financing programs specifically tailored to the customers buying the certified pre-owned vehicles. Honda Financial Services offers great financing packages to people buying Honda pre-owned cars from any of their dealers. The cars need to be less than five years old and have less than 80,000 miles on the odometer. Nevertheless, you must maintain a comprehensive, physical damage and collision insurance from the America Honda Finance Corp for the contract duration. In most cases, the interest rates on such programs are competitive and often match most of the commercial rates on the market. You are unlikely to get financing from any business entity should you choose to buy a car that is more than seven years old. If you are lucky, the terms might be exorbitant enough to make deal unattainable.


CTOs carry a lower running cost

Buying a certified used car from a credible dealer like Honda entitles you to an impressive limited CPO warranty. The carmaker offers a seven years or 100,000 miles power train coverage. The warranty extends from when the car was first sold to when the seven years lapse. Honda’s plan beats most of the competitors, who offer 60,000 miles or a five-year limited warranty from original date of sale. Under the carmaker’s CPO program, you are likely to snag a three-year-old used Honda with about 40,000 miles on the odometer. Hence, you will be entitled to 60,000 miles or 4-year’s coverage for crucial components such as transmission and engine. As such, you unlikely to incur exorbitant repair bills at your local repair shops after buying a used Civic Honda.