There are many reasons to lease a new Charger. Here are a few of the top factors to consider when deciding between leasing and buying.


A Few Top Reasons To Lease Charger

A Few Top Reasons To Opt For A Dodge Charger On Lease

When it comes to leasing versus buying, there are plenty of reasons to consider opting for the lease. Here are some helpful tips.


The New Dodge Charger

The famous Dodge Charger performance comes with a variety of engine choices. There is the Supercharged 6.2L Hemi SRT Hellcat V8 engine with 707 horsepower and 650lbs of torque, the 6.4L Hemi V8 engine, the 5.7L Hemi V8 engine, and the 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine. It comes with a Torqueflite automatic transmission with an electronic shifter, and a paddle shifter is an available option. With advanced all-wheel drive and a variety of brake systems (touring brake system, sport brake system, sport brake system with performance brake linings, Brembo high-performance brake system, and Brembo ultra-high performance brake system), this car has all of the bells and whistles for a fast, high-performance ride.

The models available are the SE, SXT, SE AWD, SXT AWD, R/T, R/T Scat Pack, R/T Road Track, SRT 392, and the SRT Hellcat and there are 11 colors to choose from: Redline Red Tri-Coat Pearl, Plum Crazy, Granite Crystal Metallic, Bright White, Pitch Black, Billet Silver Metallic, Jazz Blue Pearl, Maximum Steel Metallic, Ivory Tri-Coat Pearl, B5 Blue Pearl, and TorRed.


Options Are Plenty

The options on the Dodge Charger are almost as big as your imagination. With things like a rear spoiler, 20-inch aluminum wheels, and a gloss black instrument panel, customizing your ride is easy. Packages start at $495 for the Blacktop Group. From there, you can choose the Rallye Group, Plus Group, or Premium Group. When it comes to safety features, there are options such as all-speed traction control, electronic stability control, hill start assist, rear cross path detection, full-speed forward collision warning with active braking, Lanesense lane departure warning with lane keep assist, Parksense rear park assist, automatic high-beam control headlights, and adaptive cruise control with stop.


Leasing vs Buying

Leasing vs Buying

There are quite a few differences in leasing versus buying a new car, but there are also plenty of similarities. When you lease a car, it is true that you will not actually own it, but you will be able to get a new car without having to pay the higher payments associated with getting the latest model. In addition, the value of the car does not depreciate as far as your equity since you do not own any equity, and you can usually buy the car when your lease is over for a good rate if you decide you would like to keep driving it. You also do not have to worry about trading in your car when you are ready for a new one because once your lease ends, you are done with the car unless you decide to try to buy it.

Many people decide to lease a vehicle because of the lower payments that leasing can bring. You will be able to get a nicer car like the Dodge Charger but pay far less per month than you would if you had bought it outright instead. Another good reason to lease is that you are highly unlikely to end up needing to make any major repairs. A leased car will be under warranty for the entire term of the lease. This means that if your engine goes out or the power steering fails, you will not be stuck with a large bill to take care of. You may also have a better chance of getting a new car if you do not have to shell out a large down payment. Some leases require that you come up with only the first month's payment in order to get started, but do keep in mind that you will need to have good credit before you can consider leasing. Last but not least, you will get to drive a new car when you lease instead of being stuck with the same car for the next four or five years.


How Does a Lease Work?

How Does a Lease Work?

Even though you are still financing a vehicle while you are leasing it, it is still similar to renting a new vehicle. You choose the vehicle you like, such as the Dodge Charger. You can still negotiate the leasing terms, which are determined by how much the car is worth now and how much it will be worth at the end of the term of the lease, which is usually two or three years down the road. If you want the lease Charger terms, the dealership you go to will look at the price it is now and then work out the terms. You may have lower payments if the residual value is set high; this is the amount the car should be worth when the lease is up. There are other things you will have to pay, such as acquisition fees, title fees, and security deposits, although this is not set in stone.

If you want to have a new car to drive every couple of years, you have good credit, and you don't mind not having equity in your car, the possibility of lower payments and not having to worry about large repairs are good reasons to opt for a lease on a new Dodge Charger as opposed to simply buying it with a loan. Like anything, there are pros and cons, but leases are a perfect fit for many people and ensure they always have a nice and new car to drive. Just make sure you look at all of the variables. If a lease is a right fit for you, you can't go wrong with getting your new lease Charger at a lower monthly fee.