Don't throw your money away. Read on to find out how you can get a spectacular deal on a Ford lease.


Best Ford Lease Deals

Best Ford Lease Deals

Leasing a car is a big decision, and there are plenty of specials and deals you will want to watch for so you can take advantage of the best prices possible.


Getting a Good Deal on a Ford Lease

Car leases allow you to drive a newer vehicle without paying a large sum of money for the vehicle or taking out a loan. If you want to lease a car, you have to pay a small down payment and then make monthly payments for the term of the lease. When the lease expires, you turn the car back in. There are many benefits to having a lease on a Ford vehicle instead of purchasing one. You can always have the newest, latest vehicle, for example. You don't have to worry about depreciation, and you don't have as many maintenance or repair needs to take care of. Leasing doesn't make sense for every driver, but there are many people who take advantage of the process. If you want to lease a Ford vehicle, use these tips to get a good deal.


National Ford Lease Specials

Ford will run national lease specials throughout the year. The way to get the absolute best deal on the Ford you want to lease is to watch for those deals. These special deals come at various times of the year, so you will have to watch for them. You may be able to ask a salesperson to call you when the national Ford lease specials come out. If they want to make a deal with you, they will keep you on a call list to notify you when the deals come out. You can save on the money you have to put down on the vehicle or even your monthly payments when the national deals are available. If you are able to wait, it's a good idea to get in on a national program.


Try to Haggle

Try to Haggle

When you want a certain Ford at a certain price, you need to haggle in order to get there. Car buyers are used to haggling when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, but you may not realize you can do the same thing when it comes to leasing a vehicle. You may want a lower down payment or a lower monthly rate. It never hurts to ask for those things. Get familiar with the sticker prices of the vehicles you inspect so you know what lower prices might be acceptable before you apply for lease terms. The worst they can say is no; at best, you will get a good deal when you haggle.


Understand Mileage

It might be hard to guess how many miles you drive in a year and how many you will want for the terms of your leased vehicle. Try to pay attention to that detail in advance in order to get the best deal. Lease deals limit the number of miles you can put on the vehicle. Once you go above that limit, you will have to pay a per mile rate according to the lease agreement. The most common amount of miles is 12,000, but there are deals that can save you money if you can go lower, like 10,000 miles. Think about the trips you will be taking over the leasing period and be realistic about your mileage needs. You will get a better deal getting more miles upfront than you would paying fees at the end of the term. You may be able to prepay for additional miles at a lower rate if you have that built into your lease agreement. You might also get credit if you have miles left over and don't use them all.


Avoid Long Terms

Avoid Long Terms

It is a good idea to avoid leasing any Ford for longer than three years. Most lease deals are in the range of two to three years. Dealerships that offer longer periods can expose you to maintenance issues and repairs that will cost you money. You might have to do things like replace the tires, repair the brakes, or other things that come up once a vehicle is over that age range. Most dealers know that, and if they try to get you into a long-term lease, you are going to be paying a lot more for the vehicle than you bargained for in the beginning.


Shop Around

Just as one dealership might give you a lower price on a vehicle than another, one dealership may give you a lower price on a Ford lease than another. It is a good idea to shop around your local dealerships and see what kind of a deal you can get. One location might offer you a better deal because they have more similar vehicles on the lot that they need to move. If a dealership doesn't have as much business that month as another location, they may also be more willing to haggle with you in order to get your business. Getting quotes from different locations never hurts. It can either get you a good deal or help you ensure that you are getting a fair quote.


Think Twice About Buying After Leasing

When your lease ends, you have the right to purchase the vehicle you have been leasing for a certain amount, which is called the residual value. You usually end up paying more than you would if you bought the car in the beginning, so you will want to be wary of those deals. Get an estimate for the value of your vehicle when the lease is almost over in order to decide if buying it is a good way to go. Keep in mind that purchasing the vehicle puts all of the upcoming repair and maintenance bills on you. If you lease another newer vehicle, all of that goes by the wayside.