Buying a car is never cheap, but you essentially get what you pay for, so choosing a BMW x5 Dealer can help you save some money.


Here's How a BMW Dealer Can Save You Money

Here's How a BMW Dealer Can Save You Money

Often, you'll get the best deal on a new or pre owned BMW by visiting the dealer directly and working out a deal right at the dealership.


Buy A Pre Owned BMW

Most BMW x5 dealer facilities will tell you that the single best way to save money on a BMW is to buy a used model. Because the vehicle has already been owned by another driver, it is easier to get a lower price, even on a model that is only a year or two old. According to the experts, a brand new car depreciates in value as soon as the first owner drives it off the lot. That means that you can get a great deal even if the car is in near mint condition. Test drive new and used BMW models so you can get a good idea of what you can expect from a pre owned model. A BMW m3 dealer can help you learn more about the pros of owning a used BMW.


Research Your Credit History

The BMW m3 dealer will run a credit check to determine whether you can purchase a new or used BMW or not. It pays to to a little research before you buy so that you know what your credit score is. If you have a good or excellent rating, you have a lot of leverage for haggling the best price on any BMW model you want. Talk with the dealership about how you can lower your payments based on your credit score. This helps you decide whether you can budget for a new BMW or whether you should opt for a lower priced used model to better fit your budget.


Consider a Lease

Leasing a BMW might not be the right choice for every driver, but it certainly makes sense for some people. If you don't put many miles on your car and like to get the newest model every couple of years, it makes sense to lease rather than buy. On the other hand, if you like to pay your car off in a few years, then drive it for several more, buying is the better route for you. Fortunately, any BMW dealership is equipped to help you go over the differences between buying and leasing so that you can make the choice that saves you the most money.


Consider a Personal Buy Rather Than a BMW X5 Dealer

Consider a Personal Buy

If you want to buy a used BMW, but aren't finding what you want at the dealership, think about a personal transaction. Check eBay or Autotrader and look for individuals who are selling their used BMW. This is also a good avenue for finding the right BMW dealership since many of them advertise in these ways as well. Use caution when you go this route so that you don't end up getting a bad deal or are tricked. If you're unsure about a personal deal, it's always best to look for dealers that are selling used BMWs rather than meeting with a private seller.


Look at Lesser Known Dealerships

If you want to buy a used BMW, you might get a far better deal by looking at lesser known lots. If someone has traded a BMW in at one of these lots, it is likely priced far lower than you would find it at a big name BMW dealership. Shop around and don't be afraid to check out the small privately owned car lots that are usually found in most towns and cities. You can find their advertisements online or in auto selling publications. Because these dealerships aren't always as well versed on the nuances of the BMW models, you may be able to haggle for a rock bottom price that you wouldn't find from an expert.


Shop Dealerships to Save

Chances are there are probably several BMW dealerships near where you live. If you're buying new, make sure you shop around before you sign on the dotted line. Car salespeople work on a quota so you may be able to talk one into a much lower price if he still has to meet his monthly quota. While all BMW dealerships will sell similar options, one might have what another doesn't and you'll need to go to all of them if you want to find exactly what you're looking for at the price you want to pay. Additionally, if you make it known that you are talking to several dealerships, you may be able to get them into a bidding war to get your patronage, which can drive down the price of a new or used BMW quite significantly.


Shop Last Year's Model

Shop Last Year's Model

If you're set on a new BMW, consider waiting to buy until the newest model rolls out. When this happens, BMW dealerships will slash the price on the current year's model, allowing you to get what you want at a much lower cost. You'll need to watch the advertisements closely so you know when the latest models are released. Once you see that, you can stroll into any BMW dealership and haggle down the price of a brand new but slightly older model.


Shop at the End of the Month

As mentioned above, car salespeople work on a quota system, so they are supposed to sell a certain number of vehicles every month. If you wait until the month is almost up, you can be sure that some of those salespeople will be scrambling to make their quota and will be much easier to talk into a real bargain. Shop on the last few days of the month to get access to this perk and visit a couple of dealerships to see just how low you can get the price of your new or used BMW.


Buy the Demo Model

A demo BMW is one that dealers use for test drives. Because this puts miles on the car, you can often save some money by agreeing to buy the demo model. However, you must be able to get access to a report of exactly how the car was used as a demo. In some cases, it may have been used in testing and so was driven hard or fast, which can alter its safety or overall value. You can certainly save money on a demo model, but make sure you know what you're getting before you agree to buy it.