Being informed when you’re purchasing a Dodge Caravan can make for a positive experience. If your goal is to find the best deal, prepare yourself for the hunt and follow these tips.

Know what type of Dodge Caravan you want

Knowing what you want or need most can help you find the perfect vehicle. To create a positive car-buying experience, do your research. Before you contact a Dodge Caravan dealer, have a good idea of what you’re looking for. Decide what is most important to you. If you’re interested in the newest model, you should be searching for 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan deals. If finding a low price for a quality vehicle is your top priority, check into a used Dodge minivans sale that includes 2009 to 2011 Dodge Grand Caravans. If you carry a lot of cargo, consider the newer Grand Caravans since they offer more storage space, and so on.

Get Quotes from Multiple Dealers

It’s never been easier to get quotes from multiple dealerships. If traveling from dealership to dealership and communicating in person isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it. It’s simple to go on a Dodge dealership’s or manufacturers’ website and use the quote tools. Most of these tools will give you exactly what you want: the actual price. Hint: always check to see if the sales tax is included in your quote. There are also several resources available that compare deals on dodge caravan in your area for you. Sites such as and Autotrader will search local Dodge Caravan dealer and give you an idea what Caravans are selling for near you. Most of these resources will also give you the MSRP, or manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Dealers have the freedom to ask more or less than the MSRP, so knowing that price allows you to see if you're getting a good deal. For instance, some dealers may be asking up to $5,000 less than the MSRP for a 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan whereas others may be asking only $2,000 less than the MSRP, depending on the market.

Deals on Used Dodge Caravans

Deals on Dodge Caravan used cars
If you’re looking to snag a deal on a Dodge Caravan used car, there are numerous online resources available to you. However, typing "Used Dodge minivan for sale" into Google will bring up more than 100,000 results. Be specific and use resources that are easy to navigate such as Kelley Blue Book. To find Caravan used cars on, simply type in your zip code, select your make and model, and adjust your price. This will narrow your options down tremendously. Once you’ve chosen an option, scroll down and glance at the key details, seller’s comments and vehicle history to ensure that the vehicle really fits your wants and needs. From there, you can call or email the dealership to check on the van’s availability. Obviously, the older the model, the lower the price. If you aren’t seeing the price you want, search for dealerships that are a couple of hours or more away. If you're looking for a different option, try visiting a dealer like Carfax. Either way, you'll find that used Dodge minivan for sale. You could also try buying Dodge Caravan used cars from a private seller. Be sure to do a thorough background safety and damage check and see the car in person before making any sort of agreement. Also, be cautious of sellers who are trying to get too much money from you. Compare the seller’s price with dealers’ prices and decide if you’re really getting a deal.

New Dodge Grand Caravan deals

Dodge offers many deals and incentives on their newest models, which usually get you the most bang for your buck. For instance, if you want a brand new 2017 Grand Caravan SXT FWD, you can get more than $2,000 in cash allowance or financing for zero percent APR for three years and $1,000 cash allowance. Of course, offers expire quickly and vary based on each model. Additionally, TrueCar is a great resource for buying new Grand Caravans. After entering your zip code, the site will show you what other people paid, the market average and the factory invoice. Take that knowledge with you to your local dealers and see what you can negotiate.

Buy Dodge Caravan model that is not selling well 

If a certain model isn’t selling well, it doesn’t mean it is not a good car. It just means people aren’t buying it. Sometimes dealerships have great flagging sales. Check to see if deals on Dodge Caravan are a part of those sales and if dealers might be willing to give you a better price to move their inventory on particular models. 

Shop at the right time

Shop at the right time

Dealers claim that the best time to buy a car is mid-to-late December. Why? Dealers usually offer lower prices to try and up their end-of-the-year sales figures. Keep your eye out for local Dodge minivan for sale ads just before and right after the holiday. Also, try shopping during a weekday. You’ll have less customers to compete with, which could lead to better deals. On the other hand, several car buyers claim that the best time of year to purchase a car is in September or October, just before manufacturers release the new models. The idea is that dealers need space on their lots for new models. This is not as common anymore since most dealerships now use computerized inventory control to help decrease overstocking incidents. Yet, if you’re looking for a particular model of Dodge Grand Caravan or Dodge Caravan and that model is about to begin a new model year, it may be a good idea to make your move.

Buy Dodge Caravans online 

Although it isn’t the traditional car-buying experience, when you buy Dodge Caravan online you could get a great deal. The same websites mentioned earlier that compare prices for you will give you consumer reviews by actual owners that include their opinions on certain models. Some even give you the option to buy and have your van shipped to your door directly from their site. It is possible that you’ll hit a Dodge minivans sale online and receive a spectacular deal due to reduced overhead costs. However, buying a Dodge Caravan doesn’t equate to buying a book on Heading over to a dealership and examining the van you want in person is highly recommended.
What You Should Know About Deals on Dodge Caravan